Caribbean and Mexican Grill


Mexican and Caribbean.jpgMexican and Carribbean front on Dewey

Former Location
1485 Dewey Ave, Rochester NY, 14615
CLOSED (as of April 2012)

See Gone, But Not Forgotten

It closed in April, 2012.


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2010-09-11 17:02:56   Stopped here for some Caribbean food. There is NO Caribbean food on the menu. NONE! I asked the chef, and he said once in a while he has a special. So much for that part of the restaurant label. The Mexican food was quite a shock. Burritos and a dip appetizer came smothered in NACHO CHEESE sauce. The salsa tasted like tomato sauce with hot sauce added. No queso blanco or cilantro here folks! To top off the glowing orange offerings, the waitress gave us a check for more than double the amount of our order. It was corrected politely with help from the chef. —AmyLa