Ridgeway Avenue

From the city's NW, near the Genesee River, into Greece, near the Greece Canal Park
East - Ridge Road West
West - Elmgrove Road, then Manitou Road
Approx. 6.5 miles

Ridgeway Avenue is a two-lane road that extends from Rochester's Maplewood neighborhood into Greece. It offers an alternative east-west route to Route 104 for traffic going between Rochester Technology Park/Elmgrove and Kodak facilities. Although Mt. Read Boulevard between Lexington Avenue and Ridge Road West forms the boundary between city and suburb, Ridgeway Avenue west of Mt. Read is considered part of the city until Weiland Road.

The bulk of Ridgeway actually has its western endpoint at Elmgrove Road in Greece, where it turns into the short dead-end street St. Pierre Drive. There is a small portion, however, about 1.1 miles in length, that resumes further south, across the Erie Canal, that begins with a short bit east of Elmgrove that extends to Manitou Road. This fragment is mostly farmland.

Located on Ridgeway Avenue

Traveling west.

City of Rochester

Ridgeway Avenue in Maplewood is a working-class residential lane populated with older single-family homes. There is commercial activity at the intersections with Lake Avenue and Dewey Avenue and scattered a bit elsewhere on the street.


Suburban Ridgeway Avenue is sprawling and primarily residential except for some commercial clusters to the east. To the west the street runs close to the Erie Canal and trail, as well as the Canal Pond and several smaller bodies of water. Major intersections are Long Pond Road (which provides access to Park Ridge Hospital), and Interstate 390.

There is also a BJ's Wholesale Club nearby on Bellwood Drive.

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