Rochester Taxi Cab, LLC

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31 Ridgeway Ave, Rochester NY, 14615 [Directions]
24/7 hrs
585 672 5593
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A taxi cab company in The Greater Rochester NY and surrounding area. All driver's background are checked by the Rochester Police Department licensing Bureau before they are allowed to drive. Taxis are metered and certified checked and sealed by the department of weights and measurements.


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2008-11-03 07:57:38   Cab was on time though she got lost and was driving around a bit before she found us. Must be a converted police car, we couldn't fit our feet into the floor in the back, there was no room. And it smelled very bad inside. Person I was traveling with was handicap and had a difficult time getting in and out. They told me the fees when I called but didn't tell me there was a minimum fee of $5 plus an additional $2 per passenger. That was ok though, since we were going a short distance. Told them I would need pick up again in about an hour and would call, but no one answered the phone despite 3 calls and letting it ring more than 20 times. We ended up using checker cab and it was wonderful, very fast service and large cars with plenty of room. —DeniseElliott

2010-03-18 05:27:45   I reserved a taxi online to take me to the airport at 4 AM. I called a little later to change it to 3:30 AM. The guy who answered was very difficult to understand (sounded like a drunk Sylvester Stallone). I wasn't sure if he understood that I wanted to change an existing reservation and not make a new one. He said "see you at 3:30" so I figured that was good enough. I very clearly gave my address and reference for its location, but a cab never showed up. They never tried to call me. When I called them at 3:45 AM there was no answer. Managed to get my roommate to take me instead. —MattOlenik

2012-08-03 14:32:56   Attempted to schedule a trip about six hours in advance via the website. Followed instructions. Never received a reply. When I called to confirm, audio quality was so bad I could barely understand what the person on the other end was saying (didn't even know they still made phones with such bad quality) and was told that no one was available for 30 minutes and I couldn't prepay without two hours advance notice despite sending the unanswered request six hours previously. At no point was there an apology or explanation. Would not call again. —SamuelCorbin