Mt. Read Boulevard

Runs along the edge of the city's NW Quadrant and into Greece
North - Latta Road
South - Buffalo Road
Approx. 7.1 miles

Mt. Read Boulevard is a major north-south road from the City of Rochester into Greece. It is heavily traveled and includes several service roads. It is also NY Route 150 north of Joanne Drive in Greece.

As of 2014 local officials are exploring options to make the Mt. Read corridor from Buffalo to Stone Roads safer and easier for pedestrians and bicyclists. You can read the results of their study [WWW]here.

Located on Mt. Read Boulevard

Traveling north.

City of Rochester

Mt. Read Boulevard in the city travels through the following neighborhoods:

This part of Mt. Read is very industrial, although it also has clusters of older single-family homes as well. Establishments include:

CityGate Plaza is on Lyell Avenue, near the corner of Mt. Read.

Major intersections are Buffalo Road, I-490, Jay Street, Lyell Avenue, Emerson Street, Lexington Avenue, Driving Park Avenue, Ridgeway Avenue, and finally Ridge Road West, which forms the border between the city and Greece.


In Greece, Mt. Read becomes much more suburban and spread out. Again, the homes here tend to be a bit older, though more recent than in the city. There are also some apartment complexes and shopping plazas.

Major intersections are Stone Road, Maiden Lane, Dorsey Road, English Road, and finally Latta Road, where Mt. Read terminates.

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