Jay Street

Northwest Quadrant
East - State Street
West - Valeo
Approx 2.3 miles

Jay Street is a mixed commercial-residential route on the city's west side. Traveling west, it passes through the following neighborhoods:

Major intersections are State Street, West Broad Street, Child Street, Ames Street, and Mt. Read Boulevard.

Like nearby Lyell Avenue, Jay Street has a rich Italian-American heritage and historically was a bustling commercial strip lined with many ethnic businesses. In more recent decades, however, it has fallen on hard times, with parts of it located in the Crescent of Poverty. Jay received considerable attention, however, in the JOSANA Neighborhood Master Plan, released February 2011, which observes that:


Current plans, at least for the JOSANA portion, call for Jay to be converted to a residential street. They also hope to add bike lanes and turn Jay into a "Green Collector." You can read the rest of the document [WWW]here (large PDF).

Located on Jay Street

Traveling west.

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