Location Rocky's.jpg
190 Jay Street, Rochester NY, 14608
Hours (as of October 2013)
Monday - Friday: 11:00AM to 2:00PM
Friday: 4:00PM to 7:00PM
Saturday: 11:00AM to 2:00PM
585 232 9717
<info AT rockysonjaystreet DOT com>
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Rocky's is an old-school Italian restaurant and bar in the Brown Square neighborhood.

See [WWW]their Menu uploaded to RocWiki.


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2008-02-08 09:48:09   If you're looking for excellent, old-fashioned italian food, Rocky's is your place. Delicous chicken noodle soup is a great way to start a meal at Rocky's. I usually get the home-made Ravioli with meat balls. The sauce is great and the meat balls are nice and moist. If you go on Saturday, get there early or you may have a long wait. —MickMann

2008-03-22 16:57:10   One word: [wikipedia]tripe! It's excellent. Actually, everything there is excellent, as far as I'm concerned. And it's quite inexpensive as well. The only thing to remember is that they only take cash. —DavidGottfried

2008-03-28 07:14:50   I echo the positive comments. Having spent my entire life in Rochester I never knew this place existed, my family did, but no one bothered to tell me. :-) Indeed, the tripe is excellent and the stuffed shells and manicotti were tremendous in portion and quality. I can't wait to go back. —RichardSarkis

2008-03-28 07:20:04   Arrive early for the fish fry! One of the best fish frys in town in my opinion. I consistently have seen people turned away (including myself) because they sold out of the fish fry. —KimBee

2008-03-28 13:10:16   One of the cool things about the place is the mix of customers. You have judges sitting at tables next to $8-an-hour delivery men, next to doctors, next to construction workers and cable TV installers. ANd, at the risk of piling on, the food is outstanding and the prices are good. I'm not a fan of tripe, but I know people who go there at least once or twice a month just for that dish. —JohnMoriello

2008-05-06 15:51:04   Authentic Italian food.

The place isnt for me, its a dump. But its been around since the dawn of time, so they must do something right.

An experience in itself, but I wont be back. —MrRochester

2008-12-17 17:55:35   Had lunch there last week. I tend to have a soft spot for independently owned, "hole-in-the-wall" restaurants, especially those located in the city. That said, my experience here was so-so. Unbeknownst to me, you don't have a whole lot of choice on the menu. It's more along the lines of 'you eat what they're making that day.' E.g. Tuesdays are lasagna. You do have a few choices of soups, sandwiches and sides as I recall. Stay away from the salad. I feel bad, because I'm sure it's from lack of volume, but the garden salad had clearly sat in the fridge for a few hours (days?). Tomatoes were mushy and inedible.

Meatball sandwich was tasty. Although really, you have to try pretty hard to screw up Italian food, enough salt and sauce and cheese covers a variety of sins. Sauce was a little too thin and uncomplicated for my tastes however. More of what I term an "old school" tomato sauce. I like more chunks and more herbs and spices in mine.

Still I would like to go back and sample the beans and greens and the gnocchi. I think those are on Mondays. Also, I've heard from co-workers who are semi-regulars that there are good days and off days.

Very cool old building and amazing carved wood-and-stained-glass old bar in the front room.

Also, yes, remember to bring cash. I suppose I'm spoiled, but places that don't take credit cards this day and age actually annoy me. —JasonHaremza

2009-03-06 13:40:03   We waited over an hour to get our food, and honestly it wasn't that good. It was homemade ravioli, but the sauce was boring, and just plain not worth the wait. I won't be going back.

2009-06-30 14:28:50   GREAT italian food for very cheap. end of story. —limeylimer

2009-06-30 17:59:25   I had the lasagna and it was good. I haven't been back but it's not because the food was bad. It's just too far away for a lunch break and not open late enough for a dinner. —BatGuano

2011-07-12 08:08:25   Place is outstanding!! Best sauce I ever had! Should have a reservation so you don't have to wait. I have been going there for years and it's my favorite place for real italian food!! —tims