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Our Rochester Neighborhoods page provides information on the breakdown of the City of Rochester into neighborhoods and the organizations that service and support them.

The City of Rochester divides the city into four quadrants, each with its own [WWW]Neighborhood Service Center, listed clockwise:

These quadrants are broken down into a series of neighborhoods, each with their own character. Some have official neighborhood associations that organize events and keep residents aware of changes.

A map showing the boundaries of major neighborhoods may be viewed [WWW]here as a PDF. Note that many smaller neighborhoods are lumped in with larger ones.

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Downtown Neighborhoods

Collectively referred to as downtown or Center City.

Neighborhood Association Area Notes
Cascade District Info Needed SW and NW, part of City Center Master Plan
Convention District [WWW]RDDC Center  
East End [WWW]REENA SE  
Four Corners [WWW]RDDC NW and SW  
Grove Place [WWW] SE also Grove Place Historic District
High Falls District [WWW] NW see Brown's Race Historic District
Manhattan Square Park [WWW]RDDC SE  
Midtown District [WWW]RDDC Center Formerly called Main and Clinton
Monroe/Alexander [WWW]RDDC SE Also called the Alexander Neighborhood
St. Joseph's Park [WWW]RDDC NE  
St. Paul Quarter [WWW]RDDC NE  
Washington Square [WWW]RDDC NE  

Other City Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Association Area Notes
19th Ward 19th WCA SW  
ABC Streets Neighborhood ABC Streets Neighborhood Association SE Often considered part of the overall Park Ave Area.
Azalea Neighborhood Azalea Neighborhood Association SE Part of Upper Mount Hope.
Beechwood [WWW]BNC SE  
Bensonhurst BNA SE Part of Homestead Heights.
Brown Square Info Needed NW  
Browncroft [WWW]BNA SE See Browncroft Historic District
Bull's Head B.E.S.T. Neighborhood United NW and SW SW portion often called B.E.S.T.; neighborhood sometimes known as "Bull's Head/B.E.S.T." Also called Neighborhoods United.
Changing of the Scenes SWAN SW Formerly known as Mayors Heights.
Charlotte [WWW]Charlotte Community Association NW Was part of Greece until 1916.
Cobbs Hill Neighborhood Info Needed SE See Cobbs Hill Park; sometimes mistaken for part of Brighton.
College Town [WWW]UMHN SW A mixed-use development that is part of Upper Mount Hope; sometimes said to include establishments across the street.
Corn Hill [WWW]CHNA SW See Third Ward Historic District; also considered part of downtown.
Culver-Merchants [WWW]CMBA and NEMNU SE Part of North Winton Village and also known as The Triangle.
Culver University East CUENA SE a.k.a. CUE; contains part of the East Avenue Historic District and overlaps with the ABC Streets.
Dewey-Bernice [WWW]Dewey-Bernice Neighborhood Watch Group NW Part of Maplewood.
Dutchtown Dutchtown Neighborhood Association NW a.k.a. People of Dutchtown (POD); once included what is today JOSANA.
EMMA EMMANA SE Name stands for East Main, Mustard & Atlantic Avenue; part of Beechwood.
East Avenue Historic District [WWW]SEAC SE  
Edgerton Info Needed NW  
Genesee-Jefferson SWAN SW Sometimes mistaken for part of the 19th Ward.
Group 14621 Group 14621 Community Association NE  
Highland Park [WWW]HPNA SE Formerly known as the Ellwanger Barry Neighborhood.
Homestead Heights Bensonhurst Neighborhood Assoc. SE Also the Group 14621 Community Association; Bensonhurst is a sub-neighborhood.
JOSANA Jay Orchard Street Area Neighborhood Association NW Name JOSANA derives from neighborhood association; was once part of Dutchtown.
La Avenida North Clinton Ave Business Association NE Runs through both Upper Falls and Group 14621.
Lilac Neighborhood Lilac Neighborhood Association SE a.k.a. Mt. Hope/Highland
Lock 66 [WWW]PMMNA and [WWW]SEAC SE Considered part of Pearl-Meigs-Monroe.
Lyell-Otis [WWW]LONA NW  
Maplewood [WWW] NW Includes Dewey-Bernice.
Marketview Heights
[WWW]MHNA NE Often divided into North and South Marketview Heights. See also: Market District
Monroe/Alexander [WWW]RDDC SE/Downtown Consists mainly of portions of Monroe Village, the East End, and NOTA. Also called the Alexander Neighborhood.
Monroe Village [WWW]MVNA SE Usually just included with Pearl-Meigs-Monroe and Wadsworth Square.
Neighborhood of the Arts [WWW]NOTA SE Formerly called Atlantic-University.
North Winton Village [WWW]NWVNA SE a.k.a Culver-Winton-Main; includes Culver-Merchants and Pocket.
Northland-Lyceum Group 14621 Community Association SE Formerly/also known as the North Edge Neighborhood.
PACE [WWW]NOTA SE Part of the Neighborhood of the Arts.
Park Central [WWW] and [WWW] SE See Park Avenue.
Park-Meigs Info Needed SE Encompasses parts of the East End and the Park Ave area. See Park Avenue.
Pearl-Meigs-Monroe [WWW]PMMNA SE Nicknamed The Garden District.
Plymouth-Exchange PLEXNA SW a.k.a PLEX; frequently mistaken (especially by UR students) for part of the 19th Ward.
Pocket Neighborhood [WWW]The Pocket Neighborhood SW Part of North Winton Village.
South Wedge SWPC SE  
Susan B. Anthony SBANA NW  
Swillburg [WWW]SNA SE  
Thurston Village 19th WCA SW A half-mile stretch of Thurston Road in the 19th Ward.
Upper Falls CONEA NE  
Upper Monroe [WWW]UMNA SE  
Upper Mount Hope [WWW]UMHN SE a.k.a the Strong-Mt. Hope Neighborhood and nicknamed the White Coat Neighborhood; includes College Town and Azalea.
Vineyards Area [WWW]VNA NE Part of Group 14621; formerly called the Lefrois Street Area.
Wadsworth Square [WWW]Wadsworth Square Neighborhood Assoc. SE Sometimes considered part of Pearl-Meigs-Monroe/Monroe Village.
Westside Neighbors Info Needed NW Formerly known as the U.N.I.T. Neighborhood (United Neighbors Involved Together).

Historic Districts

Name Area Neighborhoods
Bridge Square Historic District NW  
Browncroft Historic District SE Browncroft Neighborhood
Brown's Race Historic District NW High Falls District
City Hall Historic District SW  
East Avenue Historic District SE East Avenue, east of Alexander Street
Eastman Historic District SW Downtown
Grove Place Historic District SE Grove Place
Linden-South Historic District SE South Wedge and the Highland Park Neighborhood
Madison Sq - W Main St Historic District NW Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood
Mt Hope-Highland SE Upper Mount Hope Neighborhood
St Paul - N Water St Historic District NE Downtown
State Street District SW Downtown
Third Ward SW Corn Hill and Plymouth-Exchange


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2012-07-19 09:30:08   Local designers have just released a City of Rochester Neighborhood Map: [WWW]

2012-07-19 15:30:19   I think it's intended for decoration not navigational purposes, try for that Also, Swillburg is right below Monroe Village —PDub

2012-10-17 21:03:17   Now [WWW]this is way cool! Still not sure what this "Lincoln Park Neighborhood" is, though. —EileenF

2015-04-22 11:21:18

Good map of neighborhood safety. —crovou718

2015-04-22 16:15:23   No, that map is terrible. What planet was the maker living on that Beechwood is a "dangerous neighborhood"? —EileenF

2015-04-26 21:58:47   Strange, people were recently discussing this on the Rochester subreddit on Reddit. They were referring to this map: [WWW] One person noted that, "[If you look at the crime map], you will see that Beechwood has at least more than average crime. (Look at the last 30 days.) It's possibly being among the higher averages for an area its size.

In fact if you look at the city south of 33 (both sides of the river) and everything East of Portland, (so basically everything except about the Northwest third of the city) a vast majority of the assaults in that part of the city happened in Beechwood. That's 1 neighborhood against about 20 of varying sizes." —badfish

2015-11-03 14:08:44   Okay, so the city website has completely different info than we have here. I'll clean it up later when I don't have so much work to do. —EileenF