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The Southwest Area Neighborhood Association covers the Southwest Quadrant of Rochester. They service the neighborhoods of the 19th Ward, Plymouth-Exchange, Genesee-Jefferson, and Changing of the Scenes.

SouthWest Area Neighborhood Association (SWAN) "is a non-profit organization founded by neighborhood leaders in the late 1970’s ... incorporated in 1982 — held a broad mission since its inception: to improve the quality of life for residents and families in SouthWest Rochester..."1

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2020-12-13 00:12:28   Hello everyone. I am an MBA student at the University of Rochester and I am part of a student group looking to solicit community feedback on potential entrepreneurial ventures needed in this area. From our preliminary research and living in the area for the past few years we believe that the community could benefit from a multi-use (business/residential) space with a fresh produce grocery store attached. However, our goal is to hear directly from 19th ward residents and those in the surrounding areas on which businesses would enrich the local area and help drive the local economy through job creation, new business formation, and attracting investment capital.

Please help us in our quest by filling out the following 2-minute survey:

And check out and sign our petition to bring a community grocery to the area:

Thanks for your time and please message me if you have any questions.