Ellwanger Barry Neighborhood


Ellwanger Barry Realty Ad from 1914.jpgAds from 1914Ellwanger Barry Neighborhood is the former name of The Highland Park Neighborhood located in the southeast quadrant of the city of Rochester. [WWW]A map of the neighborhood can be found here. It is bordered by Highland Park, South Avenue, Gregory Street and South Clinton Avenue.

In the Summer 2007 the Neighborhood Association formally changed the name to the [WWW]Highland Park Neighborhood which was chosen as more indicative of its location. Both the former and present names are reflective of Neighborhood History as the Ellwanger Barry Realty Company that originally developed much of the area referred to it in advertisements as "The Highland Park Section - [WWW]The Finest and Healthiest Part of the City."

The Neighborhood continues to honor its heritage and connection to Ellwanger & Barry in a variety of manners. As of August 2009, the Neighborhood Association has requested that the City rename the park on the corner of Meigs and Linden as "Ellwanger and Barry Park". The Arboretum That Became a Neighborhood Poster 2008.jpgExhibition Poster

And growing out of a series of exhibits (see above poster) that have been displayed in Highland Park [WWW]and at City Hall, the Association has constructed a [WWW]"Virtual Scrapbook'' that also documents the Ellwanger and Barry connection.

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