South Avenue

Downtown Rochester and into the Southeast Quadrant
North - East Main Street
South - East Henrietta Road
Approx. 3 miles

South Avenue is a major north-south route in the City of Rochester. It has its beginnings in downtown's Washington Square Neighborhood and, traveling south, passes through the South Wedge, the Highland Park Neighborhood, the Lilac Neighborhood, and Upper Mount Hope. It has bike lanes in several places and plenty of room, making it a great bicycling alternative to Mt. Hope Avenue.

Located on South Avenue

Washington Square Neighborhood

This is the downtown part. Once across East Main, note that it turns into St. Paul Street. Important intersections here are Broad Street, Court Street, and Interstate 490.

Note that most buildings along this portion do not have a South Avenue address. The Rochester Riverside Convention Center and Hyatt Regency Hotel are both on the corner of South and East Main Street. Excellus BlueCross BlueShield is on the corner of South and Court. The Lofts at Capron are on the corner of South and Capron.

South Wedge

Develops much more of a small town mixed commercial-residential feel. The intersection with Gregory Street is the center of the South Wedge's shopping and dining scene. Most neighborhood festivals are held here, including the Harvest Hootenanny, Night of the Living Wedge and It's a Wonderful Life in the South Wedge. Other important intersections are Mt. Hope Avenue and Alexander Street.

Once past Gregory, South Avenue technically forms the border between the Wedge and the Highland Park Neighborhood; however, residences and establishments north of Rockingham Street are generally considered South Wedge only.

Zagster has a station there.

Lilac Neighborhood

Here is where Highland Park begins to replace the bustling businesses of the South Wedge as South Avenue's dominant feature. Once past Linden Street, South Avenue becomes the border between the Highland Park and Lilac Neighborhoods. Once south of the intersection with Highland Avenue, South Avenue forms the border between Lilac and Upper Mount Hope.

The annual Lilac Festival is held here.

The Al Sigl Center and St. John's Nursing Home are on the corners of Highland and Elmwood, respectively.

Upper Mount Hope

Lined with houses on one side. Somewhat suburban in character. Ends at the intersection with East Henrietta, which shortly thereafter enters Brighton. Also intersects with Elmwood Avenue and East Henrietta Road.


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