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728 South Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620 [Directions]
Hours (as of June 2009)
Tuesday - Saturday: 8:00AM to 8:00PM
Sunday & Monday: Closed
585 709 6725
Wheelchair Accessible
<colincoffey AT renewing-massage DOT com>

Renewing-Massage is owned by Colin Coffey, a New York State licensed massage therapist. Services are $50 for one hour of Swedish/Deep Tissue massage. Since July 2012 Coffey has also offered Ayurvedic bodywork therapies such as Vivesh, Abhyanga, and Shirodhara to clients. Ayurvedic Bodywork compliments yoga practice and promotes deep relaxation and stress relief.

The focus at Renewing-Massage is to keep the benefits of massage therapy straightforward, serving all sections of the diverse community in the South Wedge. They also support local organizations and newspapers through advertising in The Wedge, and The Buzz, as well as sponsoring Image Out. They pride themselves in "[p]roviding accessible massage therapy services for the Rochester LGBT community."

Gift certificates for massage are available via [WWW]the website.


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2010-06-11 19:50:35   This is the worst place I have ever gone to for a massage. It's cheap for a reason! The therapist is uneducated - he told me many things that I looked up and found to be blatantly false. He spoke to me as if I were a child and (patronizingly) turned me away for being in too much pain (hello, that's why I want a massage!) despite my doctor recommending massage to HELP that. Avoid at all costs! It's totally worth the extra money to go see someone who is actually a professional! —HollyK

2010-07-19 22:42:45   I have had only positive, relaxing experiences at Renewing Massage and found Colin Coffey willing to focus on my specific musculoskeletal needs, tailoring my 1-hour massage to be effective for tension release and beyond my expectations. —Gen

2010-07-21 13:52:35   My experiences at Renewing Massage have been fabulous. I left relaxed, slept better, and felt great for many days after treatment! Colin is very experienced with a wide range of conditions, and is great with athletes (I always recommend him to my friends who run!). He's also intuitive and I trust his judgment about how deep of a massage I need in trouble spots. Renewing Massage is affordable and a great addition to the Rochester community! —AngP

2010-07-29 16:11:44   Colin is the best therapist there is... He is so professional and very knowledgeable. The treatment i received was reasonable and FANTASTIC!!!! Can not say enough good things about Renewing Massage —southwegdebarber

2010-11-06 19:56:49   Colin Coffey is a great massage therapist. He has a good feel for both depth and type of massage to use for a given body and condition. He is aware of what needs to be done to provide immediate pain relief and also has the knowledge and skill to provide longer-term corrective care. I appreciate his ability to recognize when his treatment may be inappropriate in a given situation; I do not see this as a negative quality in any health care professional. I have been treated by Colin and refer patients to Renewing Massage with complete confidence that they will be well cared for by Colin. —PatriciaDeJoy

2011-01-04 09:03:10   I have nothing but great things to say about Renewing Massage. As someone who is rather skeptical of Eastern medicinal practices, I assumed getting a massage once in awhile would be nice, but no big deal. Was I wrong! Having one's muscles professionally manipulated brings on a feeling of well-being & better overall health than I ever would have guessed. Colin is a wonderful massage therapist, very interested in his clients' well-being. He provides a lovely atmosphere in his convenient South Wedge office. A++. —EvaHopkins

2011-01-22 14:46:31   Colin spends time before and after each massage to assess my individual needs, and then tailors each massage to meet my needs. I leave feeling relaxed, anxiety-reduced, and stress-free. Colin is very professional and has taken time to share the rationale behind many of the procedures he uses. I trust Colin, and recommend him to friends. —EricDerby

2011-12-05 21:51:39   I had a migraine for 16 days before seeing Colin for the first time. I have always struggled with finding a good massage therapist because I do not go for a "spa" experience, but need pain relief. Colin was so knowledgable about headache and migraine relief! So only did he help to relive the constant pain I had been in for over 2 weeks, but he has helped to reduce the frequency of my migraines from 5-6 weekly to 1-2! I am so thankful that I found Renewing-Massage, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders (literally) that I have carried for 3 years. —RachelBode

2012-10-13 09:44:11   I have gone to Colin several times to help with my anxiety & back, Colin is professional, and detail-oriented. I especially appreciated how he took time beforehand and after to explain the massage, and the medical reasoning for his treatment. I would recommend him to anyone. —EricStratton