St. Paul Street

Along the river from downtown to Irondequoit
North - Long Acre Road
South - East Main Street
Approx 3.3 miles

St. Paul Street is a major north-south route in the City of Rochester that forms the core of downtown's St. Paul Quarter, known for its stunning lofts and nightlife. Here it is also part of the St Paul - N Water St Historic District. Continuing north, St. Paul crosses the Inner Loop and passes through the Upper Falls and Group 14621 neighborhoods. Its path follows the river all the way up to Long Acre Road, the border between the city and Irondequoit. North of Long Acre it turns into St. Paul Boulevard and continues through Irondequoit all the way to Lake Ontario.

St. Paul Street also runs parallel to the Genesee River Trail and Seneca Park. The Seneca Park Zoo is an important landmark. Turning right onto Scrantom Street takes you to the southern entrance of the El Camino Trail. Downtown, the Pont de Rennes bridge connects St. Paul to the High Falls District.

To the south, St. Paul Street is an old industrial district. Most of the downtown buildings have been converted to lofts with retail and dining on the ground floor. In Upper Falls, however, many of the large complexes are rather sketchy, although some active industry remains. The Group 14621 is mostly residential, with a few businesses mixed in.

Located on St. Paul Street

Traveling north.


Intersects with Andrews Street, Central Avenue and the Inner Loop. South of East Main the road turns into South Avenue.

Upper Falls

Intersects with Upper Falls Boulevard and Clifford Avenue, which marks the border between Upper Falls and Group 14621.

Group 14621

Intersects with Driving Park Avenue, Norton Street, the Keeler Street Expressway, and East Ridge Road.


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