Pont de Rennes

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Pont de Rennes, Rochester, NY 14614 [Directions]

Pont de Rennes is a pedestrian bridge that spans the gorge at High Falls. It runs from the foot of Platt St. to St. Paul Street near the Genesee Brewing Company. On the West side of the bridge is the Brown's Race Historic District.

The bridge is a great spot to view the High Falls or the sound and light shows that are occasionally staged around the falls.

A local group has long-term plans to turn the bridge into a "garden in the sky" known as the GardenAerial. For more details see: [WWW]Friends of the Garden Aerial


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2023-07-04 23:29:22   The bridge closes for repairs July 5 2023; the closure is expected to last about 18 months.1markjackson