Central Avenue


Edge of downtown to the northeast, centered on the Amtrak Station
East - North Street
West - St. Paul Street
0.5 miles

Central Avenue is a fairly short industrial/commercial route just north of the Inner Loop, traveling between the downtown neighborhood of St. Joseph's Park and the northeastern neighborhood Upper Falls. Major intersections are North Clinton Avenue and Joseph Avenue.


Central Avenue was formerly called Atwater Street, as reported in [WWW]this 1964 Democrat and Chronicle article (see page 13) by Arch Merrill. It was part of the 6th Ward in 1875, as viewed on [WWW]this map. In the 18 and 1900's, Central Ave's western terminus was State Street. Today, the Inner Loop travels the path that formerly existed between St. Paul Street and State Street. Around this time, Central Ave also extended eastward to North Union Street. Today, Lyndhurst Street has replaced the section that once went between North Street and North Union. The old route of Central Ave may be explored on the [WWW]Historic Map Viewer.

Located Along Central Avenue

Traveling east.


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