Amtrak station

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320 Central Ave., Rochester NY 14605 [Directions]
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800 872 7245

Amtrak01.jpgThe Amtrak Station - photo by TomMaszerowski The [WWW]Louise M. Slaughter Rochester Station (named after politician Louise Slaughter) opened in 2017. See: [WWW] The 2017 station is on the site of the previous two stations on Central Avenue between Joseph Avenue and North Clinton Avenue.

Amtrak trains that stop here are the Empire (Niagara Falls to NYC), Lakeshore Limited (NYC/Boston to Chicago) and the Maple Leaf (NYC to Toronto).

See also How To Get To Rochester.

On October 28, 2014 a ground breaking ceremony was held for the new station.

AmtrakPlat.jpgAmtrak Station Platform - September 2009


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2014-12-08 11:08:55   FYI for anyone traveling here by train, they are always late [WWW]

2014-12-08 11:47:33   I frequently use the train. Can confirm. —EileenF

2019-11-04 22:18:19   I've heard the construction phase of this project was a nightmare... Lots of issues hidden behind the veneers. —batguano