Louise Slaughter



Birth name Aliases
Dorothy Louise McIntosh "Louise"
Birth date Birth place
August 14, 1929 Lynch, KY
Date of death Place of death
March 16, 2018 Washington, DC
Political Career
US Congresswoman, New York, 30th District (1987-93)
US Congresswoman, New York, 28th District (1993-2013)
US Congresswoman, New York, 25th District (2013-18)

Louise Slaughter was a Democratic member of the House of Representatives representing the Rochester area for 31 years. She previously had been elected to the Monroe County Legislature (1971, 1973, and 1975) and the New York State Assembly (1982 and 1984). The Rochester Amtrak station is named in her honor. She was the oldest woman serving in Congress at the time of her death.


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