East Ridge Road

14621 area code (NE Rochester and Irondequoit) and into 14622
East - Binnacle Road
West - St. Paul Street
Approx. 4.1 miles

East Ridge Road is the eastern portion of Ridge Road. Its western origin is in the northern part of Rochester's Group 14621 neighborhood. East Ridge enters the inner-ring suburb of Irondequoit at Seneca Avenue. Most of its route is roughly parallel to the Keeler Street Expressway.

East Ridge Road is a major commercial hotspot offering a comfortable mix of both national chains and local small businesses. Shopping plazas and big-box stores abound, although some establishments within and close to the city may be found in rezoned houses and vintage brick buildings.

Located on East Ridge Road

Traveling east.

City of Rochester

The city part of East Ridge Road begins across the street from Seneca Park. Northridge Church is located here, on the corner of East Ridge and St. Paul. For about a block, East Ridge is an attractive residential street lined with well-maintained single-family homes from the 1910s-20s. At Hollenbeck Street, however, the road's character changes abruptly and assumes its trademark commercial use, although there is still some housing as well. This portion of East Ridge, however, is rather tired and worn: most of the commercial properties are older and several prominent storefronts are vacant.

North Clinton Avenue is the major intersection, as is the El Camino Trail.


East Ridge Road skims along the northern boundary of the city until Carter Street/Stanton Lane ([WWW]map). Then it leaves the city entirely, becoming a highly car-dependent suburban commercial strip comparable to Jefferson Road in Henrietta. The Medley Centre, locally infamous dead mall, is located just off East Ridge on its own Medley Centre Parkway.

Important intersections are Hudson Avenue, Portland Avenue, North Goodman/Kings Highway, and Culver Road.

Finally, after all that excitement, East Ridge Road crosses Highway 104 and I-590. Its easternmost portion is quite similar to its urban westernmost portion: neat and residential. Most homes here are typical suburban split-levels and ranch houses. After awhile East Ridge turns into Binnacle Point, which shortly just peters out.


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