Interstate 590


Interstate 590 sign.png

A generally North-South expressway on the Southeast side of Rochester
North: Interstate 490
South: Interstate 390
5.07 miles

Interstate 590 (or just I-590) is a short tertiary spur interstate route of Interstate 90 that primarily runs through Brighton. Its intersection with I-490 was previously affectionately called the Can of Worms, due to the complexities of two thru expressways, a couple arterial roads, and a major rail route meeting in a poorly-planned and executed way.

Intersections on the interstate portion are:

Following its northern terminus as an Interstate at I-490, the expressway continues north as State Route 590 and then Sea Breeze Drive, getting weirder and weirder the farther north you go, until eventually you reach the Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge which sometimes goes over the outlet of Irondequoit Bay.