Elmwood Avenue

Travels east-west through the southern part of the city and into Brighton.
East - East Avenue
West - Intersection of Scottsville Road and Genesee Street
Approx 5.6 miles

Elmwood Avenue is a major route between the City of Rochester and inner-ring suburb of Brighton. It is especially vital to the University of Rochester as the primary road by which people reach the River Campus and Medical Center. It is also the site of UR's College Town, a new mixed-use development that promises to dramatically alter the Upper Mount Hope neighborhood. This has prompted the addition of a cycle track, announced in 2014, to provide a safe way for bicyclists to utilize this crucial corridor.1

Elmwood is an attractive street of many uses. The western end tends to front mostly community institutions, while it becomes decidedly residential as you get toward its eastern end.

Located on Elmwood Avenue

City of Rochester

Elmwood Avenue has its western beginning at the southern tip of the city's 19th Ward neighborhood, bordering Genesee Valley Park and cutting across the Genesee River Trail. It then crosses the Genesee River and runs between the University of Rochester River Campus and Medical Center. From there to South Avenue it forms the north-south boundary between the Lilac and Upper Mount Hope neighborhoods. Between South and South Goodman is the Azalea Neighborhood. The David Avenue/Johnsarbor Drive area forms the border with Brighton.

Major intersections include Scottsville Road/Route 383, Genesee Street, Intercampus Drive, Wilson Boulevard, Mt. Hope Avenue, South Avenue, and South Goodman Street.

Traveling from the west you will find:

Also check out the South Avenue at Elmwood Avenue. This is an abandoned psychiatric hospital, as well as a number of other facilities.


Elmwood enters Brighton with a cluster of medical practices around the intersection with South Clinton. From there, it is primarily residential except for the bustling Twelve Corners, where Elmwood intersects with Monroe Avenue and South Winton. Clover Street is another important intersection.

Neighborhoods located along Elmwood Avenue in Brighton are the Houston Barnard Tract, MacFarlan Farms, Home Acres and Meadowbrook.

Brighton Commons and Twelve Corners Plaza are both located on the corner of Elmwood and Monroe Avenue.

Elmwood crosses over Interstate 590 (with northbound access only). At its eastern end it runs into Route 441 and Interstate 490.


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