Genesee Street

Mostly the 19th Ward; also COTS and Genesee-Jefferson
North - West Main Street
South - Vixette Street
Approx. 2 miles
Neighborhood Association
Genesee Corridor Business Association

Genesee Street is a north-south route located primarily in the 19th Ward in the City of Rochester. From West Main Street to Dr. Samuel McCree Way, it forms the border between the 19th Ward and Changing of the Scenes. From Dr. Samuel McCree Way down to about Barton Street it forms the border between the 19th Ward and Genesee-Jefferson. Other notable intersections include Arnett Boulevard, Columbia Avenue, Brooks Avenue, Elmwood Avenue, and Scottsville Road.

Genesee Street is a very active commercial corridor. It is mixed-use in nature and includes the substantial Brooks Landing development and much smaller establishments like Jim Dalberth Sporting Goods, as well as lower-income housing, rental properties and apartment complexes. As the western defining road of the Genesee-Jefferson Neighborhood, it does see substantially less development than the adjacent 19th Ward and Plymouth-Exchange neighborhoods. Crime continues to be a problem, particularly north of Brooks Avenue, but has improved in recent years thanks to the University of Rochester's continued development at Brooks Landing.

Route 383 travels southeast as South Plymouth and then Brooks Avenues until it makes a left turn onto Genesee; it then runs along Genesee for a short six blocks until it bears to the right as Scottsville Road. At this intersection with Elmwood Avenue, Genesee continues southeast as a separate street bordering Genesee Valley Park.

Note: Genesee Street is a familiar name in Upstate New York. A Genesee Street can also be found in Utica, Buffalo, Syracuse, Chittenango, Cheektowaga, Skaneateles, Auburn, Wampsville, and Baldwinsville.

Located on Genesee Street

Traveling south. Source: Genesee Corridor Businesses flyer printed by the GCBA, February 2016.

19th Ward and COTS

19th Ward and Genesee-Jefferson

19th Ward Only

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2008-07-31 02:05:10   The only part of town I've been mugged in! The mugging was nearly ten years ago, for what it's worth, but I still get a bit nervous when I'm in the area at night. If you see a swarm of young men out for a late-night group jog: run! —MariahBetz

2011-05-26 04:15:57   I agree..stay off of genesee street at night. It is sketchy. I was jumped by two teen thugs on that street. I was getting off of a city bus on a sunday night. I had finished working a 3pm to 11pm shift at my job!!!! —RobertStar