Scottsville Road

Along the Genesee River out of the city and into Scottsville.
North - Elmwood Avenue and Genesee Street
South - North Road and Scottsville-West Henrietta Road
Approx. 9.1 miles

Scottsville Road is a long main artery that takes Route 383 from the city's 19th Ward neighborhood, through the towns of Chili and Wheatland, and finally into the village of Scottsville itself, where it turns into Rochester Street at the intersection where North Road becomes Scottsville-West Henrietta Road (Route 253) to the east. For much of its path, Scottsville Road follows and parallels the Genesee River.

Located on Scottsville Road

Traveling south.

City of Rochester

Only about half a mile of Scottsville Road is actually in the City of Rochester. The road has its northern origins here at the intersection of Elmwood and Genesee in the 19th Ward, very close to both the UR River Campus and Medical Center. This part is predominantly residential, lined with older single-family homes from the 1920s-40s, but does include the following:


Scottsville Road then crosses the Erie Canal, the Erie Canal Trail, and I-390 and enters the suburb of Chili. Here you will find the back entrances of the Greater Rochester International Airport, which is part of the city, along with a sprawling mix of commercial properties and offices. As you continue south, most of the scenery is heavily wooded or farmland with a few scattered houses or small businesses, giving the road a rural feel. The Genesee River is often visible on your left. Establishments include:

Ballantyne Road (Route 252) and Morgan Road (Route 133) are major intersections.

Wheatland and Scottsville

The border of Chili and Wheatland is slightly to the south of I-90, at the Chili-Wheatland Townline Road. Scottsville Road intersects with the interstate but not the townline road. There are less trees and a major housing development but the area is still semi-rural.

Scottsville Road finally has its southern terminus at northern border of the Village of Scottsville itself.

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