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Subway Restaurants is a chain restaurant offering submarine sandwiches, wraps and salads. They offer eat-in or take-out options, as well as catering. Some of the outlets are within malls, BJ's, Wal-Mart and other stores.

Many locations offer Free Wifi with purchase.

Some outlets have local store web pages and some have online ordering. Go to the store locator to find them.



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2008-08-27 11:27:31   Subway is just awful. The only reason to ge here is if your budget cant afford local places. Pellegrino's, DiBella's, Amiel's, or any fast casual restaurant is a better choice. Even Quiznos beats Subway, only because the peppercorn sauce at Quiznos is delicious. Other than that they are both crap. —MrRochester

2008-12-10 20:11:33   I only eat here when severely depressed and/or feeling mega-fat. —BatGuano

2009-08-23 02:52:09   The owners of the Mt. Hope subway are really really money pinching. They put 3 pc of sliced tomatoes in my FEET long sub and 5 pc of pickles! when i asked for me, the old lady gave one more pc of tomato! seriously, avoid she and her husband if you want your money worth! —lil.lyn

2010-12-23 14:37:46   As a chain, I like Subway; I can't understand people complaining about basically making yourself a sandwich. But the Mt. Hope location is not good. It smells weird, the service is very hit-or-miss, and I've seen them continue serving subs well over an hour after their power went out. —GeorgeOliver

2011-06-10 00:02:13   I think Subway would do great if they got rid of the cardboard bread. I'd avoid the Perinton location. Idiot kids working who mess up your food. —MetalFrost

2012-07-25 16:50:44   I am not sure if the North Chili takes coupons yet or not. —bonnev659

2013-01-02 15:28:19   Love this place. I eat here at least once a day, sometimes twice. Try the 6" ham, it's a real doosey! —ShawnODwyer