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BJ's Wholesale Club is a national chain wholesale club with locations in Greece, Henrietta, Victor, and Webster. BJ's features a broad range of products, including groceries, electronics, clothing, and drug store items. Some stores contain an in-store Verizon cellphone kiosk. BJ's also offers a number of discount programs for other products and services.

RIT students can get into Henrietta location without a membership; just show student ID at customer service desk.

Many products at BJ's are sold only in large containers or multi-packs so take a friend or neighbor along to save on gas and share the purchases.

Most BJ's also have an accompanying tire store and gas station. BJ's gas is often one of the lowest prices for gas (see [WWW] for example).

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2007-06-07 17:25:06   In my experience, BJ's never asks to see proof of membership to enter the store (unlike Sam's Club). —NathanHenderson

2007-06-07 19:37:13   BJ's does not require you to show membership when entering the store, and Sam's Club does, that's correct. BJ's requires membership when you purchase, however. —StevenDibelius

2007-09-15 12:20:50   BJ's issues coupons to members and accepts manufacturer's coupons as well. The Henrietta location, at least, also never really feels crowded. The Greece location has a Subway for their dine-in option.

If you get the Rewards Membership for $80/year, you'll get a rebate check every 6 months valued at 2% of what you bought (does not include things like vacations, cafe, optics, tires, gas, home improvements, embroidering, etc). The Rewards membership makes sense if you'll spend more than $2250/year ($44/week) there. —DaveMahon

2008-07-10 14:26:42   Don't bother returning bottles to BJ's, their machines are extremely finicky and don't take back half of your returnables. I might expect this for a microbrew but not for things like labatts and rolling rock which were also not accepted. Complete waste of time. —DarrenKemp

2010-10-25 20:08:29   Do I feel kind of dirty shopping here when there are smaller, local shops that offer similar items? Sure. Am I glad that I have a membership to BJ's as opposed to Sam's Club? You bet.
In any case, I find it to be a good place to buy things I use often (toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, doggie food, cat food, etc.). —BatGuano

2015-06-06 13:36:36   Pro tip: At BJ's, Sam's Club and Costco, they can require a membership for all purchases except things which are regulated by the government. So you can buy beer here for your party at a discount even if you don't have a membership. Prescription drugs and cigarettes fall under this as well. Be prepared that many employees may not know this & you may have to get a manager. This is a state by state law, but most states have this or similar laws in place. —badfish