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Grocery Stores are a critical element in most of our lives, the first place many head when a storm is going to hit the next day. We are fortunate in the Rochester area to have high quality, bargain, and specialty grocers to choose from. We have concerns about loss of grocers in some neighborhoods and concerns about "super stores" driving smaller grocers out of business. Sometimes we forget the outcome of our "voting" with our feet or with our pocketbooks.

When most people think about grocery shopping in Rochester, they immediately think Wegmans, however, Rochester has lots of choices, including chains, family run stores, organic, ethnic and everything in-between. In any case, we can also take pride in our Rochester-based Wegmans being so successful in winning Employee Ratings Awards, successful in expanding outside of our area into other states, and moving to the second largest employer in our area in 2006. 1

See Also: Farm Markets, Bakeries, Convenience Stores and Delis

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2005-11-15 13:08:44   I think Martin's competes with Perinton Wegmans; it's definitely not on the same caliber as Pittsford Wegmans if only because of its lack of: high quality and diverse prepared food, a patisserie, large general merchandise section and personal gift store (Wegmans' Complements). —JenniferRamsey

2005-11-15 21:24:19   Jennifer, I think Martin's does have a patisserie. You're right about the difference in prepared foods, though; the Fairport Martin's doesn't have an Asian buffet or sushi. I think it's worth checking out and comparing to the super Wegman's stores.. it's a slightly different style of market and they have some difficult to find items like Belgian Looza juice and Finnish crispbread. —MariahBetz

2005-11-16 08:01:27   I don't think it's correct that Martin's is owned by Tops... I think it's connected more to the "Giant" chain. —AndrewWheeland

2005-11-16 19:22:32   Tops is owned by Giant (and I believe will be phased out in favor of Giant or Giant-Eagle branded stores in the future). —JonRobins

2005-11-17 06:03:46   pwned —JayUnnikrishnan

2005-11-26 17:39:37   This may be viewed as faint praise, but Martins' bulk candy selection is quite good. —RottenChester

2006-01-25 13:54:47   I heard there was a wegmans coming up in utica new york. Is that true? And if so, when would the applying start and where? thank you. —MeghanSmith

2006-01-25 14:20:28   Try their website: [WWW]

2006-06-15 16:58:27   RE "Chinese grocery on Clinton Ave" - their sign is in Chinese, but the people who run the place and a great majority of their inventory aren't. Give the Vietnamese sandwich a shot (weekend only I believe). Not too bad compared to what you can get in major cities. —ChristineLeo

2006-09-23 17:21:43   Tops is owned by a Dutch concern—Royal Ahold (really, i'm not making it up-[WWW] —MrPhil

2007-12-08 09:02:48   Skip's Meat Market in the village of fairport needs to be added to this site. There are alternatives to the big chain stores. Need to check this market out. —ShellyGabel