Lee's Oriental Food

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900 Jefferson Road, Suite 1-1 Rochester NY, 14623 [Directions]
Monday - Friday: until 7:00PM
Saturday: until 6:00PM
Sunday: Closed
585 272 7020

Lee's Oriental Food is an Asian food market, carrying a wide variety of items from various Asian countries. Most of the staff are fluent in English, so feel free to ask for help!

Located behind Lori's Natural Foods in the Genesee Valley Regional Market in Henrietta.


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2006-10-06 16:43:28   Their selection and prices keep me coming back. Who knew there was more to soy sauce than kikkoman? —MrPhil

2007-03-11 12:29:43   Either they never answer their phone, or I always call when they're closed. —AndrewCayer

2007-03-11 16:56:56   I always call when they're closed —AndrewCayer

2007-03-31 16:24:11   Something to keep in mind: always check dates on cans. Recently bought a bunch of drinks and some were well outside of their use-by dates. One item also leaked (failed to detect at time of purchase, dumb me), and within days I got a small mold colony as a bonus. To this dumpling snob (oh wait, just a plain snob), the frozen bags at the right end of the freezer are fab for taste (that you can only beat by hand-making them, and that's an epic endeavor even for the gourmet-est Chinese grandma). —ChristineLeo

2007-03-31 20:00:06   The selection is great, the prices are fair, this is one of the best asian stores I've ever been in. —TravisOwens

2007-11-26 16:45:37   Great place. There is so much selection and the staff is really friendly. The best place to buy Asian food in Rochester. The prices are better than anywhere else. —BobBrown

2007-11-26 17:10:31   My wife and I have been coming to Lees for over 20 years. The selection and quality are top notch and more importantly we are always treated like family. Hyung and his wife are first class people and will go way out of their way to make sure that their customers are always satisfied. Highly recommended. —RyanCollins

2007-12-08 12:55:58   super great, i can always find what i need even when i'm afraid it'll be impossible. oh, except for fresh water chestnuts, which are perhaps truly impossible. the staff is always helpful and friendly, and have even given me cooking tips. —ElizMazz

2008-02-06 09:50:43   This is the Asian market I usually use. Their selection is even better at this location than their old place out by Kodak Park. I'm not very familiar with most of the items, but the staff has always been very nice and answers all my questions. —ZedOmega

2010-01-12 09:42:56   Lee's is the best! I love Mr. Lee and Mia! —C.

2010-10-14 08:49:40   There are no Japanese markets in Rochester, and it takes some work gathering ingredients for Japanese meals from the various Asian markets which focus on mostly Korean and Chinese products. Having said that, Lee's tends to carry the largest selection of Japanese items. However, I find myself always examining the expiration dates before I put things in my cart because with every visit I find expired products on the shelves. Products from Japan list year/month/day in that order. 08/07/11 does not mean August 7th 2011, but July 11th 2008. I pointed it out to them and they said that they do know the Japanese expiration date printing protocol. I don't mind buying items that don't require refrigeration that might have expired a few weeks earlier, but it scares me if I find something in the refrigerated section which expired more than a year ago! I do continue to shop at Lee's but I read the labels carefully. —KairakuShugisha

2011-02-14 00:44:05   99.9% of the time, they have exactly what I want. Their produce is fresh and they have the freshest Thai basil in town. If you are not fluent in Chinese/Korean and have questions, this store is your best bet for Asian groceries. As outlined in the description, the staff are fluent in English and eager to help. I stop here regularly for my Asian staples and they are always courteous and helpful. —OneLove

2011-06-12 21:03:08   Customer service is great. Vegetables, fruits, and refrigerated foods are fresh. Excellent selection of asian ingredients. —WilliamRabjohn