Hikari Foods and Grocery

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1667 Mount Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620 [Directions]
Hours (as of November 2008)
Monday - Saturday: 9:00AM to 7:00PM
Sunday: "Shorter"
585 461 3180
Wheelchair Accessible
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Hikari Foods and Grocery is a small Asian grocery store in Mount Hope Plaza. Offerings include variety of frozen and dried foods, a small selection of fresh produce, instant noodles, snacks, fish/meat and the like, as well as herbal medicines, woks, and tea pots. Much of their food is imported from Southeast Asia.

They used to have a second location at 699 South Clinton Avenue. They opened Hikari Tobacco House next door in 2012. 699 South Clinton is now Shangrila Grocery, however.


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2006-04-02 23:27:49   I like this place, but wash your veggies- they recieved a poor health grade, according to their partially-covered inspection sign. —JonRobins

2006-04-04 00:48:44   They are open later on Tuesday because that is the "Fresh Day"- i.e. the day they get their shipments of veggies and fish/meat. Go, but be prepared to wait on line. They are a little casual with signage on their produce, but very friendly and happy to answer questions. Most of the employees seem to speak English, but if you have a friend who speaks Chinese, all the better. —JackCalcines

2007-04-28 17:05:48   Their greens are fresh and they offer a wide variety of them on Tuesdays and Fridays. Their ginger is one of the freshest in town. I often find that their fresh greens and veggies are priced significantly lower than Wegmans or Wal-Mart and are also more fresh. —TinyPliny

2009-07-18 20:12:28   I stopped by here today on my way home, as I had a sudden craving for soba noodles. The lady behind the counter there was really helpful and directed me to the sauce that goes with the noodles, as well as making a few suggestions on how to serve them. —AlexD1234

2010-10-11 09:30:56   Hikari is a Japanese word but this is a Chinese market that carries a variety of Asian items, mostly Chinese. I don't mind buying packaged items but have been wary of the fresh meats sitting in uncovered containers in the refrigerated section with no doors but plastic curtains. Not at the top of my list of Asian markets in Rochester. —KairakuShugisha

2013-10-28 13:03:34   This is my second-most-frequented asian market in Rochester. They have a pretty good selection of Japanese ingredients compared to some of the other markets in the city. If this place were closer to my house, I'd go more often. The produce section is not very reliable, either in freshness or selection. They have a nice, tighly packed section of utensils, serving dishes, cookware, etc. —ErikReinert