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See Locations, below for Greater Rochester
Open 24/7 (see Holiday exceptions)
All stores handicap accessible - see Note

Wegmans is an institution in Rochester.

Ask someone what there is to do in Rochester, and they will mention Wegmans.

Wegmans is not just a supermarket, it's an experience. Open 24 hours a day (most locations), it offers:

The store specializes in delivering a wide selection of high quality goods at low prices. You can find $999.00/lb truffles and vine-ripened tomatoes to star fruit and plantains; Camembert to aged cheddar; orange roughy to king crab legs; bagels to Foccacia; Budweiser to Speights; egg rolls to filet mignon; Caesar salad to rotisserie chicken; fruit tarts to organic yogurt. In short, if it isn't stocked by Wegmans, it isn't worth buying.

Wegmans' produce department uses a number of local producers and features them in advertising, bin signs, and other promotions. See [WWW]Rochester and Finger Lakes Growers for the current list. RocWiki listed suppliers include Bauman's Farm Market and Lagoner Farms.

Wegmans is the mecca of grocery stores, and while started locally here in Rochester by the Wegman family (most notably the late Robert Wegman and his son Danny Wegman), it is slowly expanding across the Northeast and Southeast while carefully maintaining the quality and presentation that makes it so fabulous. The Wegmans family purposefully limits themselves to two new stores per year to ensure that high standards of quality are always maintained. Nationally it has recently gained attention when it was cited in Fortune magazine as the best company in the U.S. to work for. Additionally, Businessweek ranked Wegmans #5 in its list of [WWW]top customer service providers in the U.S.

Handicap Note: All Wegmans are handicap accessible and have a Helping Hands program whereby employees are available to help you check out and load your groceries into your vehicle for you. Most stores have a special area close to the entryway for special loading and unloading issues.

First timers are recommended to see Super Wegmans in Pittsford. The store is an amazing tribute to suburban shopping plazas. In addition to containing all of the above and more, it also had a built in restaurant, titled Tastings, which closed in November 2009. Folks wandered to the restaurant for a champagne brunch on Sunday, or swung by to try a delicious submarine sandwich and treat themselves to a fruit tart after. Or simply grabbed a cookie from the extensive offerings and enjoy while wandering down the aisles of options. A trip at two in the morning will expose you to the youth culture of Rochester, which comes to the store in the wee hours to buy snacks or indulge after a night of partying.

To be sure, Wegmans is not to be missed. [WWW]Word has spread as far as the North Korea Times.

Oh, and note that the name has no apostrophe.

On 9/25/2008 Wegmans announced that they had [WWW]updated their company logo to the new one shown above right [WWW]New Logo downloaded from Wegman's website. See [WWW]LogoDesignLove.com for a history of the logo and discussion of the change.


[WWW]The Wegmans website has a clickable Store Locator 1 that shows their vast empire of 89 stores - including: 46 in New York (18 in the Rochester Area), 17 in Pennsylvania, 7 in Maryland, 7 in New Jersey, 8 in Virginia, and 4 in Massachusetts.2

Name Address Municipality Neighborhood
Wegmans Brockport 6660 Fourth Section Road [Directions]
Route 31
Brockport ditto
Wegmans Calkins Road 745 Calkins Road [Directions] Henrietta Residential parts of Henrietta
Wegmans Canandaigua 345 Eastern Boulevard [Directions] Canandaigua ditto
Wegmans Chili-Paul 3175 Chili Avenue [Directions] Chili Chili Center
Wegmans East Avenue 1750 East Avenue [Directions] Rochester Only one within Rochester City boundaries
Wegmans Eastway 1955 Empire Boulevard [Directions] Penfield Webster/Penfield
In plaza across from Baytown Plaza
Wegmans Fairport Fairport Rd & Marsh Roads [Directions] East Rochester border of Pittsford, East Rochester,
Perinton close to Fairport
See also Wegmans Plaza - Country Club
Wegmans Geneva 300 Hamilton Street [Directions] Geneva wide area around Geneva
Wegmans Geneseo 4287 Genesee Valley Plaza [Directions] Geneseo wide area around Geneseo
Wegmans Holt Road 900 Holt Road [Directions] Webster Webster
See also Wegmans Plaza - Holt Road
Wegmans Irondequoit 525 Titus Avenue [Directions] Irondequoit ditto
Wegmans Latta Road 3177 Latta Road [Directions] Greece Northern part of Greece
Wegmans Lyell Avenue 2301 Lyell Avenue [Directions] Gates ditto
Wegmans Marketplace 650 Hylan Drive [Directions] Rochester Commercial part of Henrietta
Wegmans Mt. Read 3701 Mt Read Boulevard [Directions] Greece close to northern neck of Rochester
Wegmans Newark Miller and Finch Streets [Directions] Newark wide area around Newark
Wegmans Penfield 2157 Penfield Road [Directions] Penfield ditto
Wegmans Perinton 6600 Pittsford-Palmyra Road (Route 31) [Directions] Perinton Fairport/Perinton/Victor
Wegmans Pittsford
"Super Wegmans"
3195 Monroe Avenue [Directions] Pittsford Pittsford Plaza bordering on Brighton
Wegmans Ridge-Culver 2200 Ridge Road East [Directions] Irondequoit Across from Regal Cinema Plaza
Wegmans Ridgemont 2833 Ridge Road West [Directions] Greece Greece kinda near mall
See also Wegmans Plaza - Ridgemont


Wegmans Henrietta 2599 East Henrietta Road Henrietta *CLOSED 8/23**
Wegmans Britton Road 3660 Dewey Avenue [Directions] Greece *CLOSED 7/30/11**

Exceptions: Stores close early on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve; they are closed Christmas Day.


Local Awards


Compassionate Consumers has been publicizing the conditions they discovered at the [WWW]Wegmans Egg Farm, documented on videotape and in the accounts by several participants. Wegmans may be one of the top employers to work for in the U.S., but they still keep their chickens in [WWW]battery cages. Read about the documentary here. The company sold its controversial egg farm in Wolcott, Wayne County, to Kreher's Poultry Farms in October 2007.

In March 2003, Wegmans sent a representative to the Upper Mount Hope Neighborhood meeting who discussed changes to their Mount Hope store: they planned to upgrade it as it was one of the first stores they ever built. The plans were wonderful and would have been a great boost to the neighborhood. However, in September 2003, after starting renovations, declared they were closing the store. The reasons revolved around money: either the store wasn't profitable enough, or the renovations were too costly. Although the neighborhood suffered from the lack of a grocery store, the building eventually sold to the University of Rochester Medical Center and was converted to a parking lot in December 2005.

This was representative of bigger changes to some of their fundamental operating policies. While once they were the "neighborhood supermarket," they have now closed almost all their stores in the City of Rochester and switched to a model where they exclusively seek maximum profits. As of 2007, the only retail location inside the City of Rochester is their [WWW]East Ave store.

In the Media

Several Wegmans products can be seen on the hit television show, [wikipedia]The Office, starting in the Fall 2007 season. From Soy milk, to cereal, to WPOP.


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