Wegmans Cruelty


Wegmans Cruelty was a locally produced 2004 documentary about "alleged" animal cruelty conditions at Wegmans Egg Farms. It focused on the controversial [WWW]"battery cage" production method used on the farms, in which five or more hens are confined in a very small space. The documentary took a look inside the production facility to explore these issues. It has been promoted locally by Compassionate Consumers.

Adam Durand, the documentary author who broke into the Wegman farm was cleared of felony charges but was convicted in 2006 "by the jury of misdemeanor criminal trespassing. For this he was sentenced by Judge Dennis Kehoe to six months in jail, one year probation, 100 hours of community service, and $1500 in fines for what the judge called Durand’s “inexcusable conduct.”" 1

Wegmans claimed that some of the footage shown in the documentary was taken from other farms. Others dispute that claim with information about GPS data.

Wegmans sold the egg farm in 2007 to Kreher's Family Fresh Eggs, who now sells the eggs back to Wegmans.2

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I've seen Battery Cage production before, and because of that I have tried to purchase eggs that have some sort of 'Animal Care' logo on them. Consumer choice and all, you can get slave labor t-shirts, and I can decided to pay more for non-slave labor. What makes me mad is, from watching this video, it's clear that the 'Animal Care' logo is a lie. The animals taken care of under the logo are no better off than standard battery cage production.I'm no chicken hugging hippie, but goddamn, the conditions are just unsanitary, and the "Animal Care' logo is a lie. It's worth watching. Movie Quality : A+ (for a locally produced documentary, it's awesome). -FarMcKon

2011-05-30 23:13:41   I'm not really sure why certain words/phrases are in quotes, like "alleged" and "battery cages." This documentary is really engaging and I recommend it. It's horrible that instead of changing the ways the hens were treated, Wegmans just averted the blame by selling it to a "family farm" (that is an appropriate use of quotation marks). Local doesn't always mean right! —Sionainn

2011-05-31 09:16:39   It's 'alleged' because this is America and in America you're innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. Animal cruelty is a crime and Wegmans has never been charged with such a crime. —DamianKumor

2012-09-21 12:57:19   The word "alleged" can be used with or without quotes, but the meanings do vary. I do not believe that quotations are required because "this is America" (I am quoting you), but because one means that others use the word "alleged", and the speaker is quoting those others; meaning the speaker would not choose to use that word. —martingugino