East Rochester

The Town of East Rochester
Location Southeast of Rochester, in Monroe County, [wikipedia]New York monroe-eastrochester.jpgEast Rochester (red area), Monroe County, New York
Google map [WWW]East Rochester
Detailed map (PDF) [WWW]Detailed map of East Rochester
Geographical Area 1.4 sq. miles
Population 6,587 as of [wikipedia]the 2010 census
Incorporated 1906 (village), 1982 (town)
Town website [WWW]http://www.eastrochester.org
Town Hall East Rochester Town Hall
Wikipedia article [wikipedia]East Rochester, NY


welcome sign.JPGWelcome sign on Fairport Road.

The Village of East Rochester started out as the Village of Despatch in 1897, so named by the Merchants Despatch Transportation Company (MDT), was laid out as a planned community designed around the railroads and the MDT Plant. Much of the original land which became the village came from Fairport businessman Walter Parce1. Parce's land was developed to provide housing for employees of MDT and he is considered the founder of Despatch, and hence East Rochester2

The piano also played an important role in East Rochester history. The Foster-Armstrong Company was an East Rochester Piano manufacturer and was purchased by the Aeolian-American Piano Corporation, which moved a great deal of its manufacturing capacity to plants in East Rochester. Built for them in 1905, the Piano Works housed the piano manufacturing, WWII war production, and back to pianos until 1982. The original Piano Works buildings are still in use today as a shopping center and office complex called Piano Works Mall.

To better showcase the village's proximity to the city of Rochester, the village was incorporated as the Village of East Rochester in 1906. The boundaries of the village were divided between the towns of Perinton, Pittsford, and Penfield. In 1982 the residents of the village voted to become a coterminous town and village.

The village has some unusual architectural heritage in the form of the Concrest neighborhood, designed and built by Kate Gleason in 1920.

East Rochester can be reached by bike from the city by traveling in a straight line down East Avenue, which eventually turns into Fairport Road. The distance from downtown is about eight miles.

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despatchsignmed.jpgPhoto Despatch - July 2008 by BradMandell

According to its [wikipedia]Wikipedia Article,

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