Merchants Despatch Transportation Company

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despatchtunnel.jpgPhoto July 2008 by BradMandell

Despatch Drive, East Rochester, NY 14445 [Directions]

The [wikipedia]Merchants Despatch Transportation Company was formed in by American Express and had offices in Rochester and moved to a newly constructed plant in a town created for it called Despatch in 1887; Despatch was incorporated in 1897 and later became East Rochester. The massive plant along the [wikipedia]New York Central Railroad lines were the reason for the town's existence.

In the picture at the right you will see the Despatch Building in the background and a sign which describes a tunnel that once ran under the railroad tracks so the workers in the new town could reach the factory and other businesses on the other side of the tracks.

Much of the old plant and buildings still stand in East Rochester and are home to businesses and organizations.



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