Lemoncello Italian Restaurant & Bar

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137 W Commercial St, East Rochester, NY 14445 [Directions]
Hours (as of June 2020)
Temporarily closed due to fire June 17
585 385 8565
Wheelchair Accessible
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[WWW]2010-10-29 Rochester NY Pizza Blog review

Lemoncello Italian Restaurant & Bar is an Italian restaurant and lounge in East Rochester. There live music every night and a terrace with outdoor seating.

They also offer catering.

It opened on March 11, 2010 in the space formerly occupied by a dry cleaning service.

Lemoncello is owned by Massimo and Fausto Albano, who also own the Village Rock Cafe and Prosecco Italian Restaurant & Jazz Bar.


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2010-03-17 16:48:11   anyone have reviews on this cafe? thinking about swinging by this weekend and wanted to see if anyone beat me to it.... —VishalGoradia

2010-05-06 16:02:11   I went here with a couple of friends on May 11th. I will start out by saying that they did a beautiful job on the decor. There is even a fireplace in the back bar area and a nice outside patio with umbrella tables. We ordered the sampler appetizer and the mozz sticks and the fried raviolis where good, but the calamri was soggy and cold. I had one of their chicken and pasta dishes which is supposed to be their "signature dish" and it was un-edible. One of the others had the pasta with red clam which he said he enjoyed and the other had an alfredo which she hardly touched. The server was nice, but I should mention that we were the only table in there at that time around 7PM. I live in ER and I have seen it busy there so that does'nt mean much. I have heard from others that the Gelato is very good, but I didnt try it.

As always, I will give them another chance. I will report back. —selfclaimedcritic

2010-05-26 14:30:02   This great new place is definitely worth a try! Went on a Tuesday night and enjoyed live music on the patio. The place was pretty full. Good mixed drink ($8) and wine selection, though only 1 draft beer (Stella). Friendly service and tasty food. We ordered paninis ($7-$10); the Mortadella and the Salmon Avocado were especially good. Each panini was accompanied by a side of a few leafy greens (not a big enough portion to call a salad). And the dessert selection was so enormous we had trouble making up our minds! There were at least 10 cakes to choose from (about $5); the varieties were similar to Phillip’s European. There were also at least 10 flavors of gelato ($3). I recommend giving Lemoncello a try for lunch/dinner – and definitely dessert!!! (-: —AJH

2010-11-10 17:12:30   I was there for lunch today with a friend after reading a review in City Newspaper. Nearly all the tables were full with people. The decor was really nice, artsy, and cozy; the hostess was friendly and even gave us a tour - they have a full bar, a large selection of international coffees, lots of cakes and pastries, and a restaurant out back with a patio. They also have karaoke nights and live music. And the hostess explained that they're officially opened til 10PM, but lots of people have coffee late and they won't close the place on them (even at 1AM)! So naturally, I was psyched. We both ordered the salmon and avocado panini, but unfortunately, were disappointed. The presentation was nice, with a side of leafy greens with a house vinaigrette, which was tasty on the side of the plate. The salmon, however, tasted fishier, and did not look like fillet. The color was paler than the pink it should be, and it was sort of crumbled. My guess is that it was canned salmon. The avocado had no flavor, and after I bit into something hard, it turned out that it wasn't even ripe. It was actually GREEN! The avocado was green and hard. Now this was upsetting, because it was obvious, and you basically have to be dishonest to put that on someone's sandwich. It was supposed to have a mayo on it, but it wasn't put on enough because it imparted no flavor (or maybe it wasn't flavorful?). My friend, who ordered the same dish, had this weird yellow custard-milkskin-looking piece on the top of his salad. He just forked it to the side. It definitely didn't belong there, but it made for good conversation on trying to figure out what it was. We should've mentioned it to the waiter, but we didn't want to bring more unpleasantness to what was becoming a disappointing meal. We decided to give dessert a chance. He had the creme brulee gelato, and I had the tiramisu gelato, and we both shared a cannoli. Neither gelato was anything special in flavor (he thought the creme brulee was too sweet, and I thought mine had too strong of a coffee flavor for tiramisu), and both of ours had these ice chunks in it!! The cannoli was decent tasting, but the shell was underfilled. Our total bill was about $31 before tip, which was NOT worth it, even for a splurge. We couldn't leave out of there any faster and feeling gypped. —RoccosModerna

2012-02-25 21:04:23   Decor and ambiance in the back rooms are very cool. Love the jazz music playing in background and the jazz bands in the evening. The side room is not as cozy and does not have the ambiance of the other rooms. Food is good. I had the Lemon Peppercorn and Portobello chicken. I thought it would have more kick to it. Leftovers were better the second day. My wife had the Mediterranean chicken. After a few samples of that, we both favored that dish. I think it would be a fun place in the summer to hang out and have a some cocktails, food and music. —ScottHendler

2012-12-03 20:47:07   Lemoncello’s is a wonderful little restaurant and bar conveniently located in the center of East Rochester. They have been highly rated by patrons on UrbanSpoon & Yelp and offer a diverse variety of authentic homemade Italian dishes and pizza along with rabbit, ribs, duck and fish at moderate prices

We had Chicken French and Chicken Parmesan and both were excellent. Both provided generous portions with enough for lunch the next day. The lemon cheese and red sauces were both very rich and flavorful.

Dinners come with a nice side salad and fresh warm bread. Wait staff is very friendly and attentive and appear to enjoy working there (always a good sign). They offer a variety of wine, mixed drinks and wonderful-looking homemade desserts.
Live music is playing 2-3 nights each week.

Lemoncello’s provides a great value of diverse menu options, high quality food and attentive, friendly service at reasonable prices.

2013-06-16 12:42:53   It appears that Lemoncello revamped their menu at least twice over the last few years. After our initial visit, we stayed away for awhile because it looked to have become a little too pricey, but checking their website recently, it appeared that they lowered prices a bit on at least some items and/or added some less-expensive items. So, we went last night. We called about a half-hour beforehand and asked for a reservation on the patio, and they said sure and took our information. Yet, when we arrived, we were told that the patio was full, and that they had no idea how long a wait it would be, but that they reserved a seat for us in the atrium. The atrium (an enclosed area in which two of the walls consisted of large windows) was nice, but it wasn’t what we had thought we were getting—we had wanted to sit outdoors, because the weather was (for once) perfect, and there was also a live band out there, which could barely be heard in the atrium. So, we felt deceived about our seating arrangement. They should have told us when we called that there would be a long wait for the patio and given us the option of either waiting or selecting an alternate seating arrangement. We were even more annoyed when a couple walked in 5 minutes after us and were ushered out to the patio. Beyond this, the rest of our experience was pretty good. Our waitress was very young and wasn’t able to answer questions we had about the food and drink menu, but she very nicely went and asked her coworkers or manager for us, even bringing a sample of an uncommon wine we’d never seen before. The food was delivered in a timely fashion, our bread was refilled when we needed more to sop up the sauces, and our dishes (stuffed eggplant over penne and homemade gnocchi in vodka sauce) were piping hot and quite tasty. The gnocchi also featured pancetta and peas, an unexpected bonus. There was a ton of sauce for the proportion of pasta, but we saw that as a good thing in terms of leftovers (just add more pasta!). Dessert, a cannoli cake, was a big hit as well. We’ll probably go back, but will be very specific when we call for reservations that we want to sit on the actual patio, not the faux-patio aka atrium. —ajh