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202 North Washington Street, East Rochester NY, 14445 [Directions]
Hours (as of December 2015)
Monday - Saturday: 4:00PM to 10:00PM
Sunday: 3:00PM to 9:00PM
585 248 5060
<info AT perlos DOT us>

Perlo's is an Italian restaurant located in East Rochester. Menu items include Italian classics, steaks, pizza and seafood dishes. Take-out is available. An outdoor patio is open in warmer weather. Gift certificates are available in any amount. Catering and private parties available.


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2008-05-06 16:14:13   Not bad food, not memorable.

Outside looks great, inside looks like your 70's basement.

I think Northside across the street is better. —MrRochester

2008-09-10 15:05:24   My husband and I went here a couple weeks ago on recommendation from a friend. It was a Wednesday, not a busy time, but when we came in and were waiting to get seated, the hostess looked at us like we had a ton of nerve for not coming without reservations. I've never had a hostess look at me like "What do you want?" Ummm, we are standing near the bar waiting to be seated? I just was thinking, "Um, what the heck do you think we're here for?" I put two fingers up and she made some comment about having to look and see where she could put us. I almost laughed out loud, because the dining room was almost completely empty and there was no one else waiting. She got us our table, and then the terrible service started. We got ignored by our waitress for at least the first ten minutes we were there. The couple that came in five seconds before we did had their appetizers before we even got our drinks. Our waitress was no where to be seen half the time, while this other girl that had twice as many tables was all over the place, so I can't really blame the bad service completely on the restaurant. However, when she did finally come over there was no apology at all. The food was good. We had calamari that was very well cooked, very tender, and I got eggplant parm that was decent, but nothing to write home about. The sauce was okay, I expected it to be better for the price and for a place that has a rep for being very authentically Italian. We paid $60 for dinner with the tip, not bad, but nothing fabulous for what essentially is basic Italian fare. We probably wont be going back. —CatMagro

2010-09-04 19:52:20   This has become our favorite restaurant. We have loved every meal we've had from steak, fish and all the authentic italian dishes. We especially like the prices and the outdoor patio. Donna, the owner is always there to greet us. The service has always been very efficient. —BarbKristan

2010-11-29 17:51:09   5 of us ate there last Saturday. Our waitress was brand new and a little unsure of some of the dishes but she asked and other waitresses were more than willing to help out. Despite the newness our service was excellent. I was in the mood for Veal Marsala but no joy it wasn't on the menu. I ordered the veal French, I was in the mood for something that died young, and it was just great. The pasta was cooked just enough and the Italian bread was very taste and plentiful.
We all liked our food, even my brother-in-law's meat loaf special!!
Relaxed atmosphere, reasonable prices, limited but taste wine list. Whats not to like.

2011-12-02 22:51:24   This is a nice place. Try it!

I went here on a Friday night, and it was packed. The hostess still recalled the name of my party, and where they were seated. Service was very friendly, polite, and relaxed. Plates were cleared, water was refilled, and leftovers were promptly boxed. Our drinks came back quick, and were very well priced. The food was great, came out hot, and was well timed. I had their homemade gnocchi in butternut sauce—fantastic! Light and fluffy; melt in your mouth. One of the things I noticed about Perlo's is that they do not rely on tons of salt to make their dishes taste good—which is great. And I don't mean they're bland—not at all. You get to taste the food, and not a bunch of salt. A lot of "Italian" places sometimes rely on a lot of salt and oil to flavor their dishes. Nothing we had was greasy, oily, burned, or gross. All of the food and service smacks of pride.

Have you ever had braciole with hardboiled egg in it? It's a nice little treat, and Perlo's does it. Things like that are what make Perlo's unique; they're sharing a nice hometown recipe with you.

Perlo's is delicious, no-nonsense Italian food just like your grandmother would make (and the portions to boot), with friendly service to keep you happy. I would go back again any day. —VinceC