Canandaigua is a New York state Town containing the small City of Canandaigua located on the northern tip of Canandaigua Lake, southeast of Rochester. It's a cool little city that was once a bustling whistle-stop city in the 1800's.

History of the City of Canandaigua

The name Canandaigua is derived from the Native American word "Kanandarque", which means "chosen spot". It was the site of the principal village of the Seneca Indians and is the legendary birthplace of these "People of the Hills".

In 1789 the first white settlers laid out the town of Canandaigua at the foot of the seventeen-mile long Canandaigua Lake, the westernmost of the Finger Lakes. Canandaigua has been the County Seat of Ontario County since its founding, when the county included all of Western New York, a six million acre area which eventually became 13 counties.

Originally organized as a district, Canandaigua became a town in 1791. The village of Canandaigua, incorporated within the town in 1815, became a city by act of the New York State Legislature in 1913. The City is bordered by the town on the east, west, and north, and by the lake to the south. "excerpt from the City's website

History of the Town of Canandaigua

Canandaigua officially became a town in 1791. The first town meeting was held in April of that year and presided over by the first supervisor, Israel Chapin. Initially, there was no distinction made between the village and the town of Canandaigua. Then in 1815 the village was officially established and in 1913 it became a city, thus creating two separate entities, the City and the Town of Canandaigua. The original Town of Canandaigua also included Cheshire and Centerfield which still remain within its borders. excerpt from the Town's website

This is also the city where Susan B. Anthony was tried for 'Illegal Voting'. You can read more about that [WWW]The Trial of Susan B. Anthony: A 100-Year Chronology..







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2005-06-14 13:54:28   I think I remember hearing that parts of Main Street in Canandaigua have free wi-fi. —JasonWilder

2011-04-18 11:18:47   The NY Wine and Culinary Center does a fun wine tasting w/o reservations (provided that the small bar area where it is offered isnt full). We did a wine tasting and then had dinner there; our meal was outstanding and they use a lot of local ingredients. It was reasonably priced too. —ScottLaRock