Super Wegmans

3195 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618
Open 24 hours
585 586 6680
[WWW]Pittsford Wegmans

This Wegmans super grocery store is located in Pittsford Plaza. It is the showplace store for Wegmans, and often is the place where new food merchandising concepts are tried for 6-12 months before potentially being rolled out to other store locations. Because of this it is not uncommon to see busloads of businesspersons or just plain tourists unloading out front. Many Rochesterians will take visiting relatives to "tour" this store, almost like going to a food amusement park.

This is also the site where Wegmans has tested out cafe/restaurant concepts. The Market Cafe still has extensive hot prepared items and in-store seating. It was the site of Wegmans' first sit-down restaurant - Tastings - which subsequently closed and was reformatted across the street as Next Door by Wegmans. In 2010 The Food Bar at Wegmans opened in the former Tastings location. In 2014 this concept has been tweaked to become The Burger Bar by Wegmans.


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2007-02-06 10:06:25   Also called MegaWegs and MeccaWegs. There are several "cafes" scattered about the store where you can dine with your food prepared in front of you. One is in the seafood section, and a newer spot in the produce section serves vegetarian fare. The balcony area above the premade food area is open 24hours and makes a nice study spot. —EllenKelsey

2008-02-21 20:24:08   I like the Veggie Bar. I just enjoyed a Miso Meal ($10.99). They were out of the miso soup, so cashew chili was substituted. The food was very good, although the atmosphere certainly leaves something to be desired. While portions were reasonable, there were so many things to eat that I was really full by the end. 1DaveMahon

2008-04-23 10:23:06   The Pittsford Wegmans is like the Disneyland of grocery stores! The service is fantastic. I try to avoid it on weekends though because of the high quotient of rude fellow-shoppers. They'll run you down with their carts! —AliceWilson

2009-04-12 13:34:38   Best nickname I have heard for this store is Wegmanopolis.

2010-08-17 12:20:09   The vegetarian bar rocks my socks! —BrianHahn