The Food Bar at Wegmans

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3195 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14618 [Directions]
Hours (as of December 2010)
Daily: 11:00AM to 9:00PM
585 248 8685
Wheelchair Accessible
Beer and Wine
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The Food Bar at Wegmans is a casual restaurant housed in the former Tastings Restaurant location in the Super Wegmans on Monroe Avenue in Pittsford. It is a family-friendly atmosphere offering an American classic menu focusing on a variety of specialty burgers.

It opened on December 10, 2010. In early 2014 the concept was tweaked and the restaurant is now known as The Burger Bar by Wegmans.


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2010-12-12 21:03:59   With high expectations - consistent with Wegmans' history of restaurant successes - my wife and I visited _The Food Bar at Wegmans_ for dinner shortly after the grand opening. Bearing little resemblance to its predecessor, The Food Bar brings a fresh, bright look and a new approach to the flagship Pittsford Wegmans store. We were impressed with certain aspects of the new eatery - food quality being, understandably, high on our list of "likes" - but disappointed in other areas.

On entering The Food Bar, patrons stand in line to order in Tom Wahl's fashion. The layout of the ordering area takes a little figuring out: lines are left to form organically with little spacing between registers, and getting from the pour-your-own soda fountain to the dining room requires weaving between those waiting in line. Diners are alerted to their food's readiness by electronic pagers; standard fare, with the exception of the loud beeping that's emitted when the pager goes off. We heard this throughout our visit, and noted the similarity of the incessant sound to that of fast food fry-timers. Hopefully, the beeping alert will be disabled before too long - dancing lights and assertive vibration ought to get the job done!

After retrieving our food from the pick-up counter, the experience finally took a turn for the better: It was delicious. Avoiding the pricier portions of the seafood-heavy menu, we opted for a cheeseburger ($7.50) and chicken finger basket ($8), as well as a side of zucchini fries ($3.50). My chicken fingers and fries were hot and crispy, and came with a honey mustard sauce that - refreshingly - tasted like it was made fresh. My wife's burger was flavorful and cooked perfectly, though the bun could have used a toasting to stave off sogginess. The zucchini fries were the star of the show: they weren't battered into oblivion, and arrived with an in-your-face parmesan mayo sauce that we rapidly co-opted into service with our other dishes.

All told, The Food bar at Wegmans serves up good food quickly, albeit from a somewhat-limited and seafood-leaning menu and for a price that's steeper than your typical counter-service establishment. It's not clear what quotient of our organizational complaints can be chalked up to The Food Bar opening only 2 days ago, but we hope the Wegmans team will be as attentive and willing-to-adapt here as they are in their stores. The Food Bar has definite potential, and if you're feeling patient it's definitely worth an early visit. —daverea

2010-12-20 18:13:55   Stopped to treat myself to a lobster roll. Approaching the counter was a little awkward as the other reviewer mentions, but moreso when I was the only person in line and had to wait for the supervisor to finish going through instructions to three other people vs taking a second to wait on a customer. Otherwise when he did take my order he was quite friendly. For $13 (I realize lobster isn't cheap), you would think at least a side of potato chips, nope. Just a small hotdog bun with the lobster salad. While it was very tasty, I was very disappointed to find 2 pieces of lobster shell in it that I had to spit out. Having worked in restaurants I realize these things happen and quietly told the cashier that it would be worth mentioning to the cooks in the back. New place, but would have hoped that more attention would have been paid to the food as well as the service considering Wegmans' reputation. —dkess

2011-01-13 08:33:34   Went on Friday 1/7/11. We walked in and the counter was very very busy. being our first time there an employee, Dominique could sense our confusion on what to do. She was great, told us how it works and then suggested we grab a table fisrt and and gave us menus. My husband then went up to order. they give you a buzzer so you don't have to linger around the counter. I got a salad and crab cake with a side of fries and my husband got the scallop basket which comes with fries. It was a little pricey but this is upscale food done in a very casual atmosphere. We will definetly go back it was very tasty. —NewtonNola

2011-01-31 09:57:40   As a big fan of the former Tastings and all things Wegmans, I found The Food Bar underwhelming. It reminded me of an upscale cafeteria and I'm not entirely sure what niche the restaurant serves. The food was slightly better than what you could get next door in the supermarket but lacked significant variety. Beer selection was small and served in a small plastic cup, unexpected for a company that raises the bar for supermarket beer offerings. Although we enjoyed the chicken sandwich and lobster rolls we had, I doubt we would return. —JasonS

2011-02-13 10:14:49   I visited for the first time on 2/12/11 and ordered a cheeseburger and zucchini fries. I also was underwhelmed with the quality of the food - it wasn't particularly memorable. The regular sized cheeseburger was pretty small for four dollars and served on a cheap hamburger bun. —SargtGrumbles

2011-08-15 11:13:14   I've been here twice and had the lobster roll both times. It is really good. It seems expensive at 12 bucks but I've got a healthy appetite and one plus a side fills me up — doubt I could finish two. It satisfies my lobster craving without the mess. Also, I like that you can get beer there. —ScottLaRock

2014-03-27 15:12:21   According to today's /DandC/ this will become The Burger Bar "as soon as the new sign is delivered." —markjackson