Andy's Candies

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Address Location Phone
1100 Hudson Ave, Rochester NY 14621 [Directions] Factory 585 266 5180
Gates Westgate Plaza 585 426 1377
Greece StoneRidge Plaza 585 663 9190
Henrietta Southtown Plaza 585 427 7642
Penfield Panorama Plaza 585 586 9270
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Andy's Candies is a local manufacturer and retailer of homemade candies and chocolates. Their factory is in Rochester's Group 14621 neighborhood. Their products may be purchased at four retail locations in the surrounding area or online.


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2008-09-03 11:57:11   Andy's makes the best candy. Every easter I would have a huge basket full of Andy's candy. If only candy was healthy for you Id eat Andy's every day. —MrRochester

2010-04-20 10:05:11   Not only do they make great chocolates and candies, but I like the fact that I am supporting a business that makes their product right here in Rochester. —AlexanderGartley

2011-06-17 18:12:12   greaat candy friendly service! and now they are in eastview mall! —sammieG