Polska Chata

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32 Vinedale Ave, Rochester, NY 14622 [Directions]
Hours (as of July 2018 via Website)
Tuesday - Wednesday: 11:00AM to 5:00PM
Thursday: 11:00AM to 6:00PM
Friday: 11:00AM to 9:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM to 4:00PM
Sunday: 11:00 to 2:00PM
585 266 4480

Polska Chata, pronounced "Polska Hata," this Polish market and deli is located in a strip mall near Ridge Road and Culver Road in Irondequoit. It has great sausages, breads, cheeses, pastas, juices and candies. Many of the products have absolutely no English writing on them.

Also provides catering.


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2006-07-28 12:43:21   I like the cherry juice (WIŚNIA). Part nectar, part puree, it goes great with vodka and crushed ice. —BenMargolis

2006-08-08 07:10:30   Deli meats & cheeses are incredibly good, and they're a bargain (compared to Wegman's or Tops). Nice variety of sausages, of which "kabanosy" are the best—they're long, very skinny versions of kielbasa that look like sticks. A good choice of Polish juices, condiments, jams, and canned meats/fish is also available. If you don't understand the label, just ask—everybody there speaks English. Hot Polish food is prepared for takeout or dine-in, and can be had for a good price. Nice place for lunch. —RemekKocz

2006-10-10 06:55:41   They have a Polish Platter which comes with smoked kielbasa (Polish sausage), pierogis and sour cream, galumpke (cabbage rolls), bigos (sweet sauerkraut and pork mixture), and mashed potatoes. The food was really good. My daughter had some potato pancakes which were very good. —TomKaminski

2007-12-13 21:34:08   Seems to have relocated to across the street: [WWW]http://www.polskachata.us/ThomasPawlik

2008-05-13 22:42:21   My mom , brother and I all had the Krupnik (mushroom barley soup), the Tradionla Polish platter (galumpki,pierogi, bigos and kielbasa) also a fresh paczki (Polsih doughnut filled with a prune jam) Everything was fresh and tasty. Smacznego. I just wish they served some "good" Polish bread with it. They use to be in the strip mall now they are across the street from Chase Bank on Vinedale which is basically across the street from the strip mall. I highly recommend it. —ChristianaRomanowski

2011-06-06 09:35:58   I went to polska chata with a group for a friends birthday. Let me say now, do not go there with a group larger than 4. I'll spare you the details but we called ahead and made a reservation and it made no difference. The food was very good, and with a smaller group I think the night would have been very nice. —carolturo

2013-02-15 14:08:34   Went for lunch today with my mouth all set for a Friday fish fry from someplace different but was informed that “the fish has not arrived yet” (?!). So I ordered pierogis with butter/onions and a side of polish sausage ($4 for 1 piece, way too much). I also ordered an iced tea to drink. I heard her mixing up the powder tea mix and it was basically brown water ($2, again too much). The 1 piece of sausage was good. The pierogis inside and outside, and the butter/onion sauce, had no salt or seasoning at all. You will need to salt everything. The last time I came here I ordered the bigos with pierogis. Bigos is supposed to be a very meaty hunter’s stew. Theirs had almost no meat and was basically meat flavored sauerkraut. The Bigos was also ladled over the pierogis. WRONG! People unfamiliar with eastern European food will think it’s great, but it’s actually mediocre. The service today was good, better than last time when it took a long time for the food to come out of the kitchen and forever to get the check. Would I go back? Yes, to get my fish fry (I hope). —DaveHanks