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Culver Road, Rochester NY [Directions]
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North - Lake Road in Webster
South - Monroe Avenue in Rochester
Approx. 7.4 miles

Culver Road is a long route that travels eight miles through the city's Southeast and Northeast Quadrants before entering the suburb of Irondequoit and extending all the way to Lake Ontario and Irondequoit Bay. It can either end at Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge in the summer or provide access to Lake Road in Webster, during the winter. Up here you will find the Rochester area's biggest amusement park, Seabreeze. In fact, Culver starts and ends near water, as the southern border located on the edge of Cobbs Hill Park.

A short section of I-590 and the entirety of its continuation as NY Route 590 and Sea Breeze Drive run parallel to Culver before ending at Culver near Seabreeze.

City of Rochester

Major intersections are I-490, Park Avenue, East Avenue, University Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, East Main Street, Merchants Road, Bay Street, Clifford Avenue, and Norton Street. Between Marchants and Norton the border between the City of Rochester and the Town of Irondequoit runs behind the properties on the East side of Culver (and hence those establishments are categorized here as "city"). Between Norton and Hoffman Road only the street itself is owned by the city - the facing properties on both sides are in Irondequoit. North of Hoffman Culver is enitirely in Irondequoit.

Neighborhoods it passes through are:

Located along Culver Road in the city:

Morrison Park is on the corner of Culver and Harvard Street, in the ABC Streets Neighborhood. St. Ambrose Church is on the corner of Culver and Empire Boulevard, partially in Irondequoit.


Note that the entirety of Culver Road South of Hoffman Road is part of the municipality of the City of Rochester. This is was necessary for the city to retain ownership of Durand-Eastman Park, which is several miles outside the city proper. To get to the park, turn left on Fairlea Drive and then north on Wisner Road. (See the [WWW]Google map for clarification.) The city's authority is over the road itself only, however. All land and buildings along Culver are still part of Irondequoit.

Important intersections here are the Keeler Street Expressway, Route 104, East Ridge Road, Titus Avenue, Lake Road to Webster, when the Irondequoit Bay Outlet is open to traffic. The area of Irondequoit located north of Seabreeze on Culver, at the northwest portion of Irondequoit Bay, is known as Hot Dog Row due to being the location of three of the region's most prominent burger joints: Don's Original, Vic and Irv's, and Bill Gray's. The region overall is known as the Seabreeze Area.

Culver Ridge Plaza and a Walgreens are on the corner of Culver and East Ridge Road.


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