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2960 Culver Rd Rochester NY 14622 [Directions]
585 467 4241

The Ridge Culver Fire Department, established in 1921 and located in Irondequoit, is a fire department dedicated to protect the district residents and property from any sudden emergency.

Ridge Culver Fire is a combined career and volunteer fire department that is divided into three groups: The Ridge Culver Fire District, The Ridge Culver Fire Department and The Ridge Culver Fire Association.

The Ridge Culver Fire District is political subdivision of the State of New York and a district corporation. The district is controlled by a board of fire commissioners, consisting of 5 elected district commissioners. The board is responsible for the financial wellbeing of the district, as well as hiring of district personnel and appointing of the district officers.

The Ridge Culver Fire Department is the active section of our organization responsible for fire suppression and handling any other emergencies, such as automobile accidents, rescues and medical emergencies. This group is under the control of the district appointed Fire Chief.

The Ridge Culver Fire Association is the social organization that supplies the volunteer firefighters to the district. The Association is non-profit organization that is solely funded by the tax-deductible contributions of the district residents. This group is lead by the association president and his board of directors.

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