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Travels west to east, through Greece, the northern portion of the City, Irondequoit, and Webster.
[WWW]Google Route Map of Route 104 in Monroe County with Street Views
Route 104 runs from [wikipedia]Niagara Falls at its western terminus to somewhere near Williamstown (Oswego County) at its eastern teminus in Central New York

About Route 104:

Route 104 is a highway passing Rochester to the north. It enters Monroe County in Clarkson where its street name becomes Ridge Road, West, travels through Parma where it becomes a major 4-lane road at Route 259 (Hilton Parma Corners Road). Major intersections West of Rochester include Route 98 and Route 19.

After it enters Greece, Route 104 takes the map street name West Ridge Road, see article for details and attractions on this segment. It is populated with commercial and industrial establishments and is sometimes a divided highway, providing access to Elm Ridge Center, Greece Ridge Mall, I-390, and Eastman Business Park's manufacturing and engineering facilities and finally intersects with Lake Avenue and Ridgeway Avenue. Route 104 then crosses the Genesee River via the Veterans Memorial Bridge and enters the City of Rochester. Major renovations of this segment of the route have improved both the roadway and its appearance. The area around the bridge was the object of considerable visual improvements including stonework, lighting, landscaping and signage.

After crossing the bridge, Route 104 changes from West Ridge Road to the limited access Keeler Street Expressway with exits supporting Rochester General Hospital and an odd1 intersection with I-590. Route 104 crosses Irondequoit Bay via the Irondequoit Bay Bridge where travelers can see Lake Ontario and the Irondequoit Bay Outlet to the north and the southern end of the bay to the south.

Route 104 continues as a limited-access highway as it enters Webster, providing exits for Seaway Trail at Bay Road, Webster Plaza and Towne Center Webster at Hard Road/Holt Road. Xerox and the Village of Webster at Route 250 and Phillips Road. It exits Monroe and enters Wayne County at County Line Road where Route 404 joins and terminates.

Route 104 continues as a 4-lane divided highway with at-grade intersections until it reaches Williamson. The route provides access to Union Hill, the village of Ontario Center, Spencer Speedway and intersections serving Sodus, Sodus Bay, Wolcott, Hannibal and Oswego.

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2007-12-19 16:13:56   My mom likes to call the portion of 104 past Williamson "dead man's alley" or something similar once it turns into a two lane road East past Williamson. With all of the roads off of 104, many only have blinking lights or stop signs, and there have been many, many accidents. Or so she leads me to believe so I'll drive like an old lady through there! —SaraChristine

2007-12-19 17:05:00   104 in Wayne County reminds me of Georgia or Mississippi or something. Straight, flat, paralleled by train tracks and power lines, no interesting architecture, sort of run-down. If one had to film anything set in "The South" in Upstate New York, I would unhesitatingly recommend Route 104 in Wayne County. —JasonHaremza