Flower City Habitat for Humanity

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755 Culver Road, Rochester, NY 14609 [Directions]
585 546 1470
<habitat AT rochesterhabitat DOT org>

Flower City Habitat for Humanity 1 is a nonprofit organization with hopes to eliminate poverty and substandard housing in our city. Since its beginning in 1984 the volunteers have built and renovated over 175 houses. They are the second largest group affiliated with [WWW]Habitat for Humanity International in the North Eastern United States. FCHH works year-round, Tuesday through Saturday.

FCHH typically builds several homes simultaneously on one street to make the most profound impact on a neighborhood. Targeted streets in the past include Cuba Place, Maria Street, Brown Street, Rauber Street, Silver Street, Fulton Avenue and Trust Street. They are currently working in the JOSANA Neighborhood.

In late 2005, a study was conducted to measure the impact that FCHH is having on the Rochester community. It showed the Habitat homes since 1984 have added $5.6 million dollars to the city's tax base and that this number increases by roughly $500,000 each year. This is possible because Habitat homes are typically assessed to be worth twice the value of their older neighboring homes and non-habitat homes on a street targeted by FCHH have seen a marked increase in their own value.

Each Habitat home costs about $65,000 to build. This money is typically raised through church coalitions, corporate donations, or groups of individuals. Habitat homeowners are selected by committee and must have stable employment and significant need for the home - i.e., children or other dependents. Future homeowners must contribute 500 hours of 'sweat equity', or labor to both their home and other Habitat homes. Once the house is built and occupied, the owner makes monthly no-interest mortgage payments until the house is paid for in full.

Flower City Habitat also operates the Restore. This enterprise collects donations of quality used and surplus building supplies and sells them at discount prices. All profits made by the ReStore fund the construction of additional homes.


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