Norton Street

Runs through the city's NE Quadrant and into Irondequoit
East - Helendale Road
West - St. Paul Street
Approx. 3.9 miles

Norton Street is a major east-west route that travels through northeast Rochester and into Irondequoit, where it merges into Bay View Road at Helendale Street. Of course, since Norton divides Rochester from Irondequoit east of Portland Avenue, it's sometimes difficult to determine if a particular address is in one or the other municipality. On top of that is Monroe County's unusual zip code system, which results in locations miles outside city limits nevertheless having a Rochester address.

Norton for its entire length is predominantly residential. The city part is generally low-income/working-class yet decently to well-maintained, especially compared to nearby streets. There are clusters of commercial activity at its major intersections, mostly corner stores, gas stations, and auto places. Norton slowly becomes more affluent as you get closer to Culver. The Irondequoit part is mostly lined with small, neat Cape Cods, split-levels, and ranches.

Located on Norton Street

Traveling east.

City of Rochester

Most of Norton Street falls in the Group 14621 neighborhood, where it intersects with North Clinton, Joseph Avenue, Hudson Avenue, North Street, and Portland Avenue. From Hudson to Carter Street, Norton forms the southern border of the LeFrois Street Area mini-neighborhood.

Located here:

St. Stanislaus Kostka Church has a Hudson address but is located on the corner of Hudson and Norton. The El Camino Trail also intersects with Norton Street, offering neighbors and visitors a nice bike route decorated with many murals.

Rochester and Irondequoit

Norton's role as a border street begins east of Portland. It divides Group 14621 from Irondequoit until North Goodman Street, where it divides Irondequoit from the Northland-Lyceum neighborhood. Waring Road, a long residential street, is the only notable intersection.

Irondequoit Only

Norton is fully in Irondequoit once east of Culver Road. The [WWW]East Irondequoit School District and Laurelton-Pardee Intermediate School are located on Pardee Road, just off Norton.

Note that the entirety of Culver Road is considered to be part of the City of Rochester. Turning left on Fairlea Drive and then north on Wisner Road will take you to Durand-Eastman Park, which is also considered part of the city. See the [WWW]Google map for clarification.

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