Portland Avenue

NW Quadrant and Irondequoit, centered on Rochester General Hospital
North - Titus Avenue
South - North Street
Approx. 3.3 miles

Portland Avenue is a major route that stretches from just north of downtown Rochester all the way up to Titus Avenue in Irondequoit.

Located on Portland Avenue

Traveling north.

City of Rochester

Portland Avenue in the city passes through Marketview Heights and Group 14621. Clifford Avenue divides the two neighborhoods, with Norton Street and Bay Street as the other major intersections.

Unfortunately, a large part of this area falls within the Crescent of Poverty. Urban Portland Avenue is marred by vacant lots, abandoned buildings, and cheap rental housing. Commercial activity is limited largely to corner stores, auto places, beauty salons, and a few cell phone shops. Portland improves around the hospital and its surrounding cluster of medical practices and enters Irondequoit shortly afterward.


Portland enters the inner-ring suburb of Irondequoit north of the Keeler Street Expressway (Route 104), although the sign is further south, at Onondaga Road across from the hospital. The other major intersection is the heavily commercial East Ridge Road. Portland quiets down as you continue north and becomes a residential suburban lane lined with a variety of older inner-ring housing stock, ranging from the early 1900s up through the 1980s. Homes tend to be small and affordable. The road turns into Oakview Drive north of Titus Avenue.

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