Bay Street

Travels east-west through the northeastern portion of the city.
East - Culver Road
West - Portland Avenue
Approx. 1.8 miles

Bay Street is a predominantly residential route that passes through three neighborhoods in northeast Rochester. From Portland Ave to North Goodman Street is Marketview Heights. Between North Goodman and Pershing Drive it forms the north-south border between Beechwood and Homestead Heights, and then Beechwood and Bensonhurst to Culver. There is a limited amount of commercial activity, mostly in the form of corner stores and auto places. There are also a number of churches.

Important intersections are North Goodman Street and Webster Avenue.

Bay Street improves the further east you go. For the most part it is marred by vacant lots and low income housing. The easternmost end, however, is lined with attractive, well-kept vintage homes and touches the border of Irondequoit.

A couple of businesses located here:

Not to be confused with Bay Road in Webster.

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