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  1. Religious Faiths Represented in the Greater Rochester Area
  2. Religious Faiths Founded in the Greater Rochester Area
  3. Places of Worship or Religious Organizations
    1. African Methodist Episcopal (AME)
    2. Anglican
    3. Assemblies of God
    4. Baha'i' Faith
    5. Baptist
      1. American Baptist
      2. Regular Baptist
      3. Independent Baptist
    6. Buddhist
      1. General
      2. Mahayana and Vajrayana
      3. Zen
    7. Catholic
      1. Eastern Rite Catholic
      2. Melkite Greek Catholic
      3. Ukrainian Catholic
      4. Roman Catholic
      5. Rochester Catholic Organizations (non-parish)
      6. Roman Catholic inspired
      7. Other
    8. Christian Science
    9. Eckankar
    10. Episcopalian
    11. Evangelical Covenant Church
    12. Evangelical Free Church of America
    13. Independent Reformed Evangelicals
    14. Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals (FIRE)
    15. Hindu
    16. Jehovah's Witnesses
    17. Jewish
      1. Reform
      2. Conservative
      3. Orthodox
      4. Chabad Lubavitch
    18. Lutheran
    19. Mennonite
    20. Methodist
      1. Free Methodist
      2. United Methodist
    21. Metropolitan Community Church
    22. Mormon
    23. Muslim
    24. Nazarene
    25. New Age
    26. Nondenominational Christian
    27. Orthodox Christian, Eastern
      1. Assembly of Bishops
      2. Other jurisdictions
    28. Orthodox Christian, Oriental
      1. Coptic Orthodox
    29. Pagan
    30. Presbyterian
    31. Quaker (Religious Society of Friends)
    32. Reformed
    33. Santería
    34. Sikh
    35. Spiritualist
    36. Unitarian Universalist
    37. United Churches
    38. Uniterranism
    39. Wesleyan
    40. Zen Buddhism
  4. Other Sites of Interest

Religious Faiths Represented in the Greater Rochester Area

This is a (short) list of various faiths that have churches or civic centers in the Rochester area.

Anglicanism, Buddhism, Christianity, Roman Catholic, Eckankar, Hindu, Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, Judaism, Christian Orthodox, Mormon, Paganism, Protestant, Quaker, Sikh, Spiritualism, Unitarian Universalist, Uniterranism, Zen Buddhism

Religious Faiths Founded in the Greater Rochester Area

There are two religions that have their roots in the greater Rochester area. Spiritualism was founded right in the city of Rochester, by the Fox sisters. The Mormon faith originated in the town of Palmyra NY, just east of Rochester.

Places of Worship or Religious Organizations

African Methodist Episcopal (AME)


Assemblies of God

Baha'i' Faith

* Rochester Baha'i' Community — 693 East Ave Rochester, NY 14607 — (585) 244-2220


American Baptist

Regular Baptist

Independent Baptist



Mahayana and Vajrayana



The term [WWW]Catholic, which means "universal", is an umbrella term covering many churches other than the [WWW]Roman Catholic church. The Uniate churches, or [WWW]Eastern Rite Catholics, are one such group of churches under that umbrella.

Eastern Rite Catholic

The Eastern Rite Catholic, or Eastern Catholic churches have an "Eastern" Christian style of worship and theology making them very similar to Christian Orthodox churches (such as Greek, Russian, Ukranian etc). The most significant difference is they hold recognition of the supremacy of the Pope of Rome, whereas the Eastern Orthodox recognize the Pope only as the Bishop of Rome who is "first among equals." This is in reference to the [WWW]Apostolic Sees.

The following churches are considered to be Eastern Rite Catholic:

Melkite Greek Catholic

Ukrainian Catholic

Roman Catholic

Rochester Catholic Organizations (non-parish)

Roman Catholic inspired


Christian Science



The [WWW]Episcopal Church in the USA is part of the worldwide [WWW]Anglican Communion —which is composed of autonomous national churches with historic ties to the Church of England.

Evangelical Covenant Church

Evangelical Free Church of America

Independent Reformed Evangelicals

Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals (FIRE)


Jehovah's Witnesses





Chabad Lubavitch




Free Methodist

United Methodist

Metropolitan Community Church




New Age

Nondenominational Christian

Orthodox Christian, Eastern

The [WWW]Eastern Orthodox Church is a collection of churches with a fundamentally agreed on theology, but unique cultural distinction (i.e. Russian versus Greek). It is one of the most ancient branches of Christianity, with Roman Catholicism the only other Church sharing that distinction (they were both one church before 1050 AD).

Assembly of Bishops

Other jurisdictions

Orthodox Christian, Oriental

The term [WWW]Oriental Orthodoxy refers to the communion of Eastern Christian Churches that recognize only the first four ecumenical councils — the First Council of Nicaea, the First Council of Constantinople, the First Council of Ephesus and the Second Council of Ephesus — and reject the dogmatic definitions of the Council of Chalcedon. Hence, these Churches are also called Old Oriental Churches. Despite potentially confusing nomenclature, Oriental Orthodox churches are distinct from the churches that are collectively referred to as Eastern Orthodoxy.

Coptic Orthodox



Quaker (Religious Society of Friends)





Unitarian Universalist

United Churches



Zen Buddhism

Other Sites of Interest

"Mapping Religious Diversity in the Rochester, New York Area." An ethnographic study done by MCC students, and Harvard University, with links to many of the lesser-known religious organizations in the Rochester area. Fantastically thorough and diverse.