Circle of the Green


Circle of the Green is a spiritual organization.

Why Circle of the Green? Green is the balance of the Earth combined with the emotions of the heart and the fertility of the mind. These are the three things we combine with our spirituality to influence our rituals, beliefs, and overall paths.

The tradition of Circle of the Green (The Tridean Tradition) is one of the Goddess. All members, both male and female, are encouraged to seek the Goddess within them. The religion of the Goddess is all inclusive. She is balanced and complete, exalting neither sex above the other.

Circle of the Green believes in simplicity and advancement through inner reflection without emphasis on Ceremonial High Magick. We are a learning group that encourages growth in many areas. We consider ourselves to be Modern Pagans practicing a Goddess path rooted in the ancient history of humanity.

There is a huge thirst for knowledge of all kinds within Circle of the Green. While we maintain a group identity and practice a single tradition, spiritual exploration is always encouraged.

Circle of the Green is a Pagan group with the purpose of gaining the enlightenment of the Goddess. In love and light we live and breathe the sacred dance and begin our journey with each other.


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