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This page is where differences in opinions about RocWiki pages are resolved, and notes are left from one contributor to another related to content.

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2005-10-24 12:38:52   These links to the Uniterran information... The seem to belong somewhere else, rather than this page about Rochester Spiritual Organizations. Why, for example, link to a Florida chapter for the organization, here on this page. Maybe one link to the Rochester/FingerLakes chapter would be appropriate... Am I alone in thinking this? —AndrewWheeland

2005-10-24 19:47:05   I can take out the Florida link —MirlinPoplar

2005-11-07 16:16:46   Sorry folks, if it looks like I'm kinda messing up the page here... Due to the expansive content that can be added to the Wiki in the realm of Spirituality, I am creating other pages for each major Religious Faith currently listed. I've added Buddhism, Christianity (which is obviously the one that I'm most familiar with), Eckankar so far... Once each of these sub pages are made, I think that the Church/Temple/Specific Faith Groups should be listed within them and removed from this main page. This main page then should only have general information about what each Faith and/or Organization is. I'll continue to work on this over time, but anyone is (of course) free to pick up where I've left off so far. —AndrewWheeland

2011-09-06 00:06:55   I seem to recall there being some kind of storefront mosque that was probably affiliated with the Church of Islam or an offshoot sect. There were some black Muslims in my high school who likely attended it. I seem to recall it being on North St. Does it still exist? Per Wikipedia, Rochester also has the Hamidiye Mosque on 853 Culver Rd. ~~~~ —TimRoy