Calvary St. Andrews Parish

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95 Averill Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620 [Directions]
68 Ashland St, Rochester, NY 14620 [Directions]
Sunday Service: 10:00AM
585 325 4950
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The Reverend Judy Lee Hay
[wikipedia]Saint Andrews Episcopal Church

Calvary St. Andrews Parish (aka St Andrews Parish) is a local church in the South Wedge neighborhood. They are part of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley. In 1968 the Saint Andrews Episcopal Church merged with the Calvary Presbyterian Church to form the new church as a Presbyterian parish.

CSA is an urban church with several active social programs in support of the broader community, including:


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2011-01-29 09:41:10   Calvary St. Andrews is a small urban parish. The atmosphere there is very accepting and intimate, and the members very welcoming. Many people who may not feel comfortable elsewhere can find a spiritual home at Calvary - it is a very non-judgmental place. It has a diverse congregation that is accepting of pretty much everybody, including GLBT, biracial couples, families of children with special needs. Rev Judy Lee Hay tends to give energetic, upbeat sermons. There is a core congregation that is small but passionate. —CarrieMcNeil