Titus Avenue

Basically the "Main Street" of Irondequoit
East - Interstate 590
West - Saint Paul Blvd
Approx. 2.6 miles

titus.jpgTitus Avenue

Titus Avenue is one of the four major east-west streets running through the town of Irondequoit. Major through streets are Kings Highway and Culver Road

Located along Titus:

The I-Square is an ongoing development project located off Titus on Baker Street.

Titus also forms the southern border of the Winona Woods neighborhood.


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2005-11-17 13:21:27   I grew up in the little triangle that Titus, St. Paul, and Cooper form. Within that area was our elementary school, the high school, HoG, the library, our temple, the grocery, the bagel shop, Cooper deli, and the garden store. —MariahBetz