Southeast Quadrant


The Southeast Quadrant refers to the southeast portion of the City of Rochester. Overall, it is by far the safest and most vibrant of the four quadrants. Minus a few parts of Beechwood, you really can't go wrong here - each neighborhood is unique, walkable, and boasts beautiful vintage architecture and active commercial streets. Green spaces are plentiful, as are options for food, culture, and entertainment. Rents and housing prices can be surprisingly cheap.

Southeast Neighborhoods

Southeast Routes

Notable streets located at least partially in the Southeast Quadrant.

Also located here are the University of Rochester River Campus and Medical Center.



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2015-04-08 16:14:11   The official City of Rochester quadrant map includes Northland Lyceum, Beechwood, and Homestead Heights in their map of the Southeast Quadrant. Is there a reason why these neighborhoods are represented differently on RocWiki? —JustinSchmidt

2015-11-07 12:58:59   Why does this part of the city have so many neighborhoods? They all overlap so much it's like a geographical matryoshka doll. —EileenF

2016-06-22 23:12:32   The dividing features in the quadrant system have always been the river and Main Street.

Yes we would like to see the success from the southeast expanded on and the city may organize its Neighborhood Service Center coverage however it prefers.

That said, quadrant implies four quarters, not political whims, and right now the city's map neither aligns with nor successfully alters how the quadrants are actually understood. Other sources should be considered as well.